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Science Geography

Muskeg Engineering Handbook

edited by Ivan MacFarlane

University of Toronto Press
Initial publish date
Dec 2018
Geography, Essays, Essays, Geophysics, General
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    Dec 2018
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Canada includes within her boundaries at least 500,000 square miles of muskeg (peat-land). Only in recent years, to keep pace with the rapid development of the north has this remarkable organic terrain been subject to scientific study. This handbook is a compendium of the recommendations and conclusions of annual muskeg conferences (sponsored by the National Research Council of Canada) which have been held since 1955. It has been written by experts in various aspects of muskeg research and practice and is an ideal guide for engineers involved with the problems of constructing buildings, railways, highways and airstrips on muskeg.


(Canadian Building Series No. 3)

About the author

Ivan C. MacFarlane was on the Muskeg Subcommittee as an associate research officer of the National Research Council of Canada.

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