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Lowdown on Earthworms

by (author) Norma Dixon

Fitzhenry and Whiteside
Initial publish date
Apr 2005
Recommended Age
10 to 13
Recommended Grade
5 to 8
  • Paperback / softback

    Publish Date
    Oct 2005
    List Price
  • Hardback

    Publish Date
    Apr 2005
    List Price

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What has no eyes, but can see? No ears, but can hear? No legs, but can still travel quite easily? Give up? The answer's an earthworm. You barely hear them, and rarely see them, but earthworms are among the most important creatures on the planet.

They may seem like just more creepy crawlies, but without earthworms working hard on our dirt, we'd have a very difficult time growing our flowers, our trees, and even our food.

Filled with interesting, easy-to-understand facts, Lowdown on Earthworms is the perfect introduction to these unsung heroes.
From the myth that cutting a worm in half will create two worms, to their unique reproductive capabilities, all the need-to-know facts are here.

Author Norma Dixon also provides her readers with several projects and activities to better acquaint us with earthworms and all the great work they do. Children can make a worm-watching terrarium, a worm composter, and even a worm-listening device of their own.

First in a series of nature books that will include mollusks and flies.

About the author

Norma Dixon
is the author of Lowdown On Earthworms and Focus on Flies. Norma has worked as an ad writer and a school programs guide at the Vancouver Museum and the VanDusen Botanical Gardens. She lives in Vancouver.

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Editorial Reviews

"A superb introduction to this largely unseen creature which plays such a vital role in improving the globe's soils. . . An excellent independent read or classroom resource.
Highly Recommended."
CM Magazine

"An appealingly enthusiastic approach to biology that just about every reader will be able to participate in."
Kirkus Reviews

"A useful addition to libraries."
School Library Journal

"A fascinating look at an unsung hero of the planet - Kids aged five and up will love the photos."
Today's Parent

"A quite interesting read... This is well written, clear, and well illustrated."
Hi-Rise Newspaper

"Well-grounded in fact, and crawling with project ideas, this title takes youngsters in the footsteps of Charles Darwin."
Star Phoenix, Saskatoon

"This book is a well-written, lively account of organisms burrowing through the underground."
Science Books and Film magazine

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