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Science Global Warming & Climate Change

Generation Us

The Challenge of Global Warming

by (author) Andrew J. Weaver

Orca Book Publishers
Initial publish date
May 2011
Global Warming & Climate Change, Environmental Conservation & Protection, Environmental Policy
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    May 2011
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    May 2011
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In clear and accessible language, Generation Us explains the phenomenon of global warming, outlines the threat it presents to future generations and offers a path toward solutions to the problem. The reality of global warming has long been accepted within the scientific community, yet it remains a hotly debated topic at the political and social level. Why is this? Is it the fact that the ultimate effects of global warming will not be felt in our lifetimes? Do we really feel no moral responsibility for future generations? Dr. Weaver, one of the world's leading experts in the field, contends that, just as humans have been responsible for creating the problem of global warming, we must also be the solution.

About the author

Dr. Andrew J. Weaver is a MLA in Oak Bay-Gordon Head, and a professor and Canada Research Chair in climate modeling and analysis in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Victoria. He was a lead author in the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, the Chief Editor of the Journal of Climate from 2005-2009, and has authored or coauthored over 190 peer-reviewed papers in climate, meteorology, oceanography, earth science, policy, education and anthropology journals. In 2008 he was also appointed to the Order of British Columbia. Andrew is the author of Keeping Our Cool: Canada in a Warming World (2008).

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  • Short-listed, The Nature Generation Green Earth Book Award
  • Short-listed, Green Earth Book Award nominee

Editorial Reviews

"Weaver, one of Canada's top climate scientists, offers a discussion of the complexities of global warming, a discussion which is both concise and comprehensive...Teachers and students in senior high (grades 10 through 12) science, geography, and environmental science courses will find this is a useful resource, and senior high school libraries will probably want to acquire more than one copy for their collections. Highly Recommended. "

CM Magazine

"Weaver clearly explains what global warming is, suggests reasons why we should care about the issue and offers some solutions to the problems that global warming creates...Provides teachers with a unique tool for introducing information circles and many opportunities to focus on the concept of transforming as a reading strategy. I would also recommend Generation Us as a resource for teachers looking for up to date information on the global warming issue."

Canadian Teacher Magazine

"You will have no doubt that climate change is serious and must be dealt with."

The Compendium Newsletter

"Generation Us is like a climate change CliffNotes...This is a short, succinct, clear and readable rendering of the science—followed by a passionate appeal for us all to move from "Generation Me" (which really seems to have outlasted its stylishness) to Generation Us, in which we start taking seriously the opportunity we have to mitigate the climate damage that we have already inflicted on future generations...For someone coming to this topic without any science background, GenUs is a perfect introduction—and as such is an important addition to the climate library."

"An easily understandable account of the science of human-caused climate change...Weaver's writing is restrained. There is not a trace of overstatement. His book is an appeal to the intelligence, and the ethical imperative which underlies it is offered, not demanded."

"Andrew Weaver is one of the few scientists of his generation with the courage and conviction to put his career on the line and speak out about an issue (climate change) that he understands perhaps better than any other Canadian. For his remarkable work in the field—and for this clear and easily understandable book—we owe him a debt of gratitude."

Author and expert

"A simply-worded, accessible explanation of climate change science, of the potential impacts of climate change, what we can do about it, and the reasons why we should care...Never until reading this book and talking with Weaver have I thought of global warming as an empowering issue, but that's one of Weaver's talents: communicating the subject of climate change afresh."

Focus Magazine