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Children's Nonfiction Lgbtq+

Biographie en images : Voici Jim Egan

by (author) Elizabeth MacLeod

illustrated by Mike Deas

Scholastic Canada Ltd
Initial publish date
May 2024
LGBTQ+, Civil & Human Rights, Politics & Government
Recommended Age
6 to 10
Recommended Grade
1 to 5
  • Hardback

    Publish Date
    May 2024
    List Price

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See below for English description.

Voici Jim Egan, militant pour l’égalité des droits des personnes LGBTQ2S+ au Canada.


Déterminé, Jim Egan insère une feuille de papier dans sa machine à écrire. Il en a assez de ce que les médias écrivent sur les hommes gais.


Ce sont ces mensonges remplis de haine qui le poussent à passer à l’action. À cette époque, il est souvent dangereux pour les personnes LGBTQ2S+ de prendre la parole en public. Elles prennent le risque de perdre leur emploi, de se mettre à dos leur famille, de se faire arrêter et d’aller en prison, si ce n’est pire, alors elles vivent leur amour en cachette.


Elles n’ont pas non plus les mêmes droits que les personnes hétérosexuelles. Alors Jim écrit lettre après lettre. C’est le premier de tous les combats qu’il mènera durant des décennies...


Une lutte pour l’égalité qui n’est toujours pas terminée.


La série Biographie en images est une collection primée d’ouvrages consacrés à des personnalités fascinantes qui ont façonné le passé et le présent du Canada. Écrit par Elizabeth MacLeod, autrice acclamée d’ouvrages documentaires, chaque livre comporte également des illustrations signées par Mike Deas qui interpellent les lecteurs d’aujourd’hui et qui contribuent à donner vie à l’histoire.


Meet Jim Egan — journalist and LGBTQIA2S+ activist!


Jim was born in 1921, and he had an ordinary childhood. But as he grew up, he knew he was a little different than his friends. As a young man, Jim joined the war effort and travelled the world. He discovered there were other people like himself — he was gay. Jim hadn’t even known there was a word for it when he was growing up.


At that time, being identified as a member of the LGBTQIA2S+ community wasn’t safe. People lost their jobs, their families, got put in jail — or worse. Hiding who they were felt safer to most. But not Jim. He picked up his pen and started to fight for his rights. This battle would lead to protection for the LGBTQIA2S+ community under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and open the door to further equal rights, including same-sex marriage.


The Biographie en images series is an award-winning collection of titles focused on fascinating people who have shaped Canada's past and present. Written by acclaimed non-fiction author Elizabeth MacLeod, each book features comicsinspired illustrations by Mike Deas, which appeal to today's readers and help bring the story to life.


Original title: Scholastic Canada Biography: Meet Jim Egan

About the authors

Liz is one nosy author, which is why she loves writing non-fiction. She’s very curious about why people do what they do, and likes sharing with kids the amazing facts and secrets that she uncovers.As a kid in Thornhill, Ontario, the idea of being a writer never crossed Liz’s mind—she figured most authors were already dead and they definitely weren’t Canadian. Besides, it was science that interested Liz.But writing was already part of Liz’s life. After dinner on school nights, Liz and her two brothers would trudge up to their rooms, close their doors and start to do their homework—or so their parents thought. A few minutes later, a piece of paper would come sliding under Liz’s door. One of her brothers had drawn a picture, usually of some weird creature.Liz really couldn’t draw (still can’t!), so the only way she could respond was to write a short story, often about a mad scientist or space alien. She would slip the story under her brother’s door and—well, not a lot of homework got done.At university, Liz studied sciences—there was hardly any writing involved at all. But after university, she was hired as an editor at OWL magazine, where she could combine writing and her love of science. But it wasn’t long before Liz had a goal: to write a book. Her first one was about lions and since then she’s written more than fifty others.Royal Murder: The Deadly Intrigue of Ten Sovereigns (2008) is one of her favourite books because royalty has always fascinated Liz. She loved going behind the scenes with monarchs from Cleopatra to Dracula to find out just what they would do to hold onto power or protect their families.Bones Never Lie: How Forensics Helps Solve History’s Mysteries (2013) was the winner of numerous awards, including the Crime Writers of Canada 2014 Arthur Ellis Award in the Juvenile/YA category. Liz’s latest book with Annick Press, Galloping Through History: Incredible True Horse Stories (Spring 2015), combines, once again, her outstanding storytelling skills with her passion for history. This time her love of animals also shines through as she recounts the stories of six horses that changed the way humans live, travel, fight, work, and play.Liz lives in Toronto with her husband, Paul, and their cat Cosimo. While she writes, he is usually sprawled across her desk—often right on the book she needs for research!

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Mike Deas est auteur-illustrateur de bandes dessinées, telles que Tank and Fizz and The Case of the Tentacle Terror. Il signe aussi les illustrations de la série Graphic Guide Adventure. Sa passion pour l'illustration a été entretenue tout au long de son enfance à l'île Saltspring, en Colombie-Britannique où il habite encore aujourd'hui.


MIKE DEAS is an author/illustrator of graphic novels, most recently Tank and Fizz and the Case of the Tentacle Terror. He is the illustrator of the Graphic Guide Adventure series. His love for illustrative storytelling comes from an early love of reading and drawing while growing up on Saltspring Island, British Columbia. Visit him online at

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