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Big Gorgeous Goals

How Bold Women Achieve Great Things

by (author) Julie Ellis

Page Two Books, Inc.
Initial publish date
Jun 2022
  • Paperback / softback

    Publish Date
    Jun 2022
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This book is for ambitious, high-achieving women leaders, entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders ready to move to the next level. It is a manifesto and call to action for women to lift themselves and each other up by refusing to accept limitations and instead embracing an ethos of possibility. There are big gorgeous goals that we all need to set. These are so different from goals that we know we can accomplish because they feel safe and tidy. These goals scare us; they keep us up at night - because we fear they are beyond our grasp. We all know women who are great at achieving big gorgeous goals. How do they do it? What allows them to reach outward, upward, and think expansively? The book explores the possibilities that open when we set big gorgeous goals, and the common characteristics in the women who move towards these. Through stories and lessons, the book shows women leaders how thinking beyond habitual limits allows us to surpass our current levels of success. It includes Julie's personal story of becoming a founder of an unexpectedly and wildly successful children's labels company that started in one of the founders' basement and was eventually sold at an eight-figure price. And it tells the story of what happened next, when having hit a business high, she found herself at an inflection point, where she needed to draw on different resources to find a new path to success. Julie Ellis shares the lessons she has learned as an entrepreneur and those of several other women entrepreneurs she interviewed for the book. Their experiences impart to readers the qualities that allow us to thrive as women in business, to healthily, sustainably integrate the work of leadership into their larger lives as mothers, caregivers, partners, dreamers and so much more. . .

About the author

Contributor Notes

As a Co-Founder of award-winning Mabel's Labels, a great Canadian small business success story, and with fifteen years in the financial services sector, Julie Ellis now shares her experience and expertise with other entrepreneurs helping them gain accelerated success.

Recently, Julie was the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Snuggle Bugz, a privately owned multi-million dollar omni-channel retailer based in Burlington, Ontario. In Julie's role as COO she took leadership of the executive team driving the company's growth toward operational excellence, team integration and market expansion.

Chair of the Board of the Angel One Investment Network, a not-for-profit organization, one of the most active angel investors' groups in Canada. Former board chair of the Hamilton-based Innovation Factory, a not-for-profit organization, helping entrepreneurs bring new and innovative ideas to market.

Julie is sought-after presenter and speaker on topics ranging from entrepreneurship to e-commerce business building. Her awards as Co-Founder of Mabel's include the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award For Excellence in Entrepreneurship 2014, W100 Fastest Growing Company in Canada 2012/13, and RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Momentum Award 2009.

Editorial Reviews

"People often make the mistake of thinking that big goals are harder to accomplish than small goals. Julie Ellis shows you how to get out of the box of thinking small, so that you can imagine and realize ambitious, big gorgeous goals. I found this book personally helpful and think you will too, at whatever stage you are at in your career."
Shelle Rose Charvet, author of Words That Change Minds; developer of the Advanced Business Influence learning program

"When everyone is saying 'think big!,' Julie Ellis is saying 'think gorgeous!' Set a goal so beautiful and outrageously bold that it blocks out the sun. In doing so, you'll learn you are capable of so much. But she doesn't sugarcoat. On the journey to gorgeous, you'll confront a lot of ugly—times when you'll doubt yourself and are tempted to think and be small. Julie provides the guide to navigate the ugly to get to gorgeous."
Jennifer J. Fondrevay, chief humanity officer, Day1 Ready; bestselling author of NOW WHAT? A Survivor's Guide for Thriving Through Mergers & Acquisitions

"I've never been a goal setter. I thought it was more important to do the hard work. Thank you, Julie Ellis, for showing us perspiration folks what investing in a little inspiration can do to change our own lives, and the lives of so many others. This book will leave you with a vision of what's possible and a plan for how to go get it."
Liane Davey, New York Times—bestselling author of The Good Fight"