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Children's Nonfiction Birds

Backyard Birds of the East

by (author) Krista Einstein & Genevieve Einstein

Partners Publishing
Initial publish date
Aug 2022
Birds, Zoology
Recommended Age
6 to 8
Recommended Grade
1 to 3
  • Paperback / softback

    Publish Date
    Aug 2022
    List Price
    $10.99 USD

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Get to know the birds you can find in your backyard: •The Ruby-throated Hummingbird can fly in any direction and beat its wings dozens of times each second. • The Pileated Woodpecker has a flaming red crest and is the size of a crow. It is the sixth-largest woodpecker in the world. • The Black-capped Chickadee hides food for the cold winter months. It can remember where all its food is hidden! • The lovely Eastern Bluebird sings a soft, pleasing warble. Watch for bluebirds perched on wires or fence posts. • Tanagers are stunning birds. The male Scarlet Tanager is a neon red, with shiny black wings and a black tail. • The Northern Cardinal is one of the most widely recognized birds. Males are a brilliant red, and females and young are brown with a reddish tinge.

About the authors

Contributor Notes

Genevieve is a biologist who has worked with animals in the wild, mostly in North America, but even as far away as Australia! She has always loved science and writing, even as a young girl.

The Einstein Sisters love to explore the world of nature, science and the cultures and countries of the earth.We travel to remote adventures in rainforests, oceans, mountains, deserts and Arctic regions. We want share some of our favourite facts about the worlds we explore in a fun and colourful way.

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