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Browse Books in Self-esteem & Self-reliance

Dancehall Rebel

by (author) Stacey Robinson

Mall Goth

illustrated by Kate Leth
colorist Diana Sousa
letterer Robin Crank

Say Yes and Keep Smiling

by (author) Laurence Beaudoin-Masse

Hopeless in Hope

by (author) Wanda John-Kehewin

Iz the Apocalypse

by (author) Susan Currie


by (author) Gabrielle Prendergast

Cardboard City

by (author) Katarina Jovanovic
afterword by Hedina Tahirović-Sijerčić

The Everlasting Road

by (author) Wab Kinew

Suck It in and Smile

by (author) Laurence Beaudoin-Masse
translated by Shelley Tanaka

TJ Powar Has Something to Prove

by (author) Jesmeen Kaur Deo

The Queen of Junk Island

by (author) Alexandra Mae Jones

Face the Music

by (author) Lesley Choyce

Depth of Field

by (author) Natasha Deen

The Authentics

by (author) Abdi Nazemian

A Soft Place to Fall

by (author) Tanya Christenson

The Delusionist

by (author) Don Calame

Walking in Two Worlds

by (author) Wab Kinew

Sink or Swim

by (author) Tash McAdam

My Summer of Love and Misfortune

by (author) Lindsay Wong

Made in Korea

by (author) Sarah Suk

Green Glass Ghosts

by (author) Rae Spoon
illustrated by Gem Hall

Sully Messed Up

by (author) Stephanie Simpson McLellan

Sully, Messed Up

by (author) Stephanie Simpson McLellan

Wild Bird

by (author) Leanne Baugh

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