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by (author) Teresa Wouters

Faster Than Truth

by (author) K.L. Denman

In Our Own Teen Voice 4

An Anthology of Creative Fiction by Vancouver Island Teens grades 8 to 12

edited by Lori Shwydky


by (author) C.A. Simonsen

Cross Fire (book 2)

An Exo Novel

by (author) Fonda Lee

Exo (book 1)

by (author) Fonda Lee

The Rule of Three: Will to Survive

by (author) Eric Walters


by (author) Cecil Castellucci
read by Elizabeth Evans

Watching Traffic

by (author) Jane Ozkowski

The Rule of Three: Fight for Power

by (author) Eric Walters

Perdida / The Complicated Life of Lea Olivier: Perdida

by (author) Catherine Girard-Audet
translated by Natalia Navarro Diaz

Heartache and Other Natural Shocks

by (author) Glenda Leznoff

Cut Off

by (author) Jamie Bastedo

When Kacey Left

by (author) Dawn Green

Life Cycle of a Lie

by (author) Sylvia Olsen

The Rule of Three

The Neighborhood; Book 1

by (author) Eric Walters


by (author) Kathleen Peacock

What We Hide

by (author) Marthe Jocelyn

The Voice inside My Head

by (author) S.J. Laidlaw


by (author) Kathleen Peacock

The Juvie Three

by (author) Gordon Korman

M in the Abstract

by (author) Douglas Davey

The Kingdom of Strange

by (author) Shula Klinger


by (author) Kathleen Peacock

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