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Behind the Label

Gloria & Willa

by (author) Lorna Schultz Nicholson

Faded Glimpses of Time

by (author) Nyah Nichol

Careful What You Wish For

by (author) Mahtab Narsimhan

The Science of Boys

by (author) Emily Seo
illustrated by Gracey Zhang

Twice as Perfect

by (author) Louisa Onomé

Wish Upon a Satellite

by (author) Sophie Labelle

Boys and Girls Screaming

by (author) Kern Carter

The Story of My Life Ongoing, by C.S. Cobb

by (author) Candas Jane Dorsey

The Story of My Life Ongoing, by C.S. Cobb

by (author) Candas Dorsey

The Delusionist

by (author) Don Calame

I'm Good and Other Lies

by (author) Bev Katz Rosenbaum

The Last Time I Saw Her

by (author) Alexandra Harrington

Tremendous Things

by (author) Susin Nielsen

Like Home

by (author) Louisa Onomé

This Golden Flame

by (author) Emily Victoria

What If We Were...

by (author) Axelle Lenoir

From the Roots Up

by (author) Tasha Spillett
illustrated by Natasha Donovan & Donovan Yaciuk

Finding Avalon

by (author) Pamela MacDonald & Valerie Sherrard

Facing the Sun

by (author) Janice Lynn Mather


by (author) Carrie Mac

Safe Harbour

by (author) Christina Kilbourne


by (author) Cate Carlyle

The Grey Sisters

by (author) Jo Treggiari

The Big Dig

by (author) Lisa Harrington

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