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Losing Hit Points

by (author) Kristopher Mielke

Luscious Love

by (author) Katerina Bakolias

Skater Boy

by (author) Anthony Nerada

Gorgeous Gruesome Faces

by (author) Linda Cheng

Crushing It

by (author) Jen Desmarais

What a Desi Girl Wants

by (author) Sabina Khan

One Summer in Vancouver

by (author) Tony Correia

Stuck with You

by (author) Nathan Burgoine

No Limit on Love

by (author) Alison Lister

Secret Me

by (author) Angel Jendrick

Master of One

by (author) Jaida Jones & Dani Bennett

Real Love: LGBTQ+ Teen Fiction 17 volume set

by (author) Tony Correia, Mette Bach, Markus Harwood-Jones, Myriad Augustine, Tracy Goldfarb & Angel Jendrick

The Ooze

by (author) Tash McAdam

Pass Me By: Electric Vice

by (author) Kyle Simmers & Ryan Danny Owen
illustrated by Simmers Kyle

Both Sides Now

by (author) Peyton Thomas

In a Heartbeat

by (author) Markus Harwood-Jones

Sink or Swim

by (author) Tash McAdam

The Love Code

by (author) Mette Bach

Under Shifting Stars

by (author) Alexandra Latos

The Year Shakespeare Ruined My Life

by (author) Dani Jansen

Love, IRL

by (author) Tracy Goldfarb

Confessions of a Teenage Drag King

by (author) Markus Harwood-Jones

Keep This to Yourself

by (author) Tom Ryan

Ace of Hearts

by (author) Myriad Augustine

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