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Final Cut

by (author) Marty Chan

Murder at the Hotel Hopeless

by (author) John Lekich

The Science of Boys

by (author) Emily Seo
illustrated by Gracey Zhang

One Last Job

by (author) Sean Rodman

Tremendous Things

by (author) Susin Nielsen

Charming as a Verb

by (author) Ben Philippe

Barry Squires, Full Tilt

by (author) Heather Smith

The Field Guide to the North American Teenager

by (author) Ben Philippe

The Fashion Committee

by (author) Susan Juby

Half the Lies You Tell Are Not True

by (author) Dave Paddon
illustrated by Duncan Major

Optimists Die First

by (author) Susin Nielsen

The Ted Staunton Seven 2-Pack

by (author) Ted Staunton

Dan Versus Nature

by (author) Don Calame

Say You Will

by (author) Eric Walters

The Truth Commission

by (author) Susan Juby

Harry Flammable Teachers' Guide

Dundurn Teachers' Guide

by (author) James Venn

Nothing Man and the Purple Zero

by (author) Richard Scarsbrook

Harry Flammable

by (author) Frank O'Keeffe

The Geomancer's Compass

by (author) Melissa Hardy

The Education of Hailey Kendrick

by (author) Eileen Cook

Dumb Luck

by (author) Lesley Choyce

Death Benefits

by (author) Sarah N. Harvey

Beat the Band

by (author) Don Calame

Gravity Brings Me Down

by (author) Natale Ghent

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