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Dancehall Rebel

by (author) Stacey Robinson

The Space between Here & Now

by (author) Sarah Suk

Outta Here

by (author) Lea Beddia

Dark Tide

by (author) Sean Rodman

Baby Drag Queen

by (author) C.A. Tanaka

Real Love: LGBTQ+ Teen Fiction 17 volume set

by (author) Tony Correia, Mette Bach, Markus Harwood-Jones, Myriad Augustine, Tracy Goldfarb & Angel Jendrick

White Lies

by (author) Sara de Waard

Lies My Memory Told Me

by (author) Sacha Wunsch

River Mermaid

by (author) Christy Goerzen

I'm Good and Other Lies

by (author) Bev Katz Rosenbaum

Jamilah at the End of the World

by (author) Mary-Lou Zeitoun


by (author) Daniel Aleman

Past Tense

A Novel

by (author) Star Spider


by (author) Sharon Jennings


by (author) Harry Kleinhuis

The Thing You're Good At

by (author) Lesley Choyce

Finding Avalon

by (author) Pamela MacDonald & Valerie Sherrard

Under Shifting Stars

by (author) Alexandra Latos

No Right Thing

by (author) Laura Langston

Fight Like a Girl

by (author) Sheena Kamal

Stella Rising

by (author) Nancy Belgue

Spin Out

by (author) Steven Sandor

One Small Thing

by (author) Erin Watt

In the Key of Nira Ghani

by (author) Natasha Deen

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