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Strange School, Secret Wish

by (author) Bernice Gold

Before Wings

by (author) Beth Goobie


by (author) Gary Paulsen
translated by Gloria de Aragon Andujar

Armageddon Summer

by (author) Bruce Coville

Caged Eagles

by (author) Eric Walters

Alone at Ninety Foot

by (author) Katherine Holubitsky

A Miracle for Maggie

by (author) Stephen Eaton Hume

Time Windows

by (author) Kathryn Reiss

The Liberty Circle

by (author) Phil Campagna

Rare and Endangered

by (author) John Dowd

The Minstrel Boy

by (author) Sharon Stewart

The Nordlings

by (author) Kathleen McDonnell

Kissing the Witch

Old Tales in New Skins

by (author) Emma Donoghue

Trial By Fire

by (author) Sheila Dalton

Bone Dance

by (author) Martha Brooks

The Accidental Orphan

by (author) Constance Horne

War of the Eagles

by (author) Eric Walters


A Jessica March Mystery

by (author) Mary Ann Scott

Speak To The Earth

by (author) William Bell

The Tuesday Cafe

by (author) Don Trembath

The Acting Bug

by (author) Kathryn Ellis


by (author) Jeannette Armstrong

Eating Between The Lines

by (author) Kevin Major

The King's Daughter

by (author) Suzanne Martel

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