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Hot Times in the British Columbia Woods

by (author) Nick Raeside

Asa Johal and Terminal Forest Products

How a Sikh Immigrant Created BC’s Largest Independent Lumber Company

by (author) Jinder Oujla-Chalmers

Identification of North American Commercial Pulpwoods and Pulp Fibres

by (author) L. Strelis & R.W. Kennedy

Dynamic Forest

Man Versus Nature in the Boreal Forest

by (author) Malcolm F. Squires
foreword by John Kennedy Naysmith

It Can Be Done

An Ordinary Man's Extraordinary Success

by (author) Chick Stewart
with Michele Carter

Community Forestry in Canada

Lessons from Policy and Practice

edited by Sara Teitelbaum

Striving for Environmental Sustainability in a Complex World

Canadian Experiences

by (author) George Francis

Aboriginal Peoples and Forest Lands in Canada

edited by D.B. Tindall, Ronald L. Trosper & Pamela Perreault

Forest Economics

by (author) Daowei Zhang & Peter H. Pearse
foreword by Clark S. Binkley


Latino Labour and the Changing Face of Forestry in the Pacific Northwest

by (author) Brinda Sarathy

Ecology and Management of Sitka Spruce

Emphasizing Its Natural Range in British Columbia

by (author) N. Merle Peterson & Patrick Martin

In Search of Sustainability

British Columbia Forest Policy in the 1990s

by (author) Benjamin Cashore
edited by Michael Howlett, Jeremy Wilson, George Hoberg & Jeremy Rayner

Flexible Crossroads

The Restructuring of British Columbia's Forest Economy

by (author) Roger Hayter

Green Gold

The Forest Industry in British Columbia

by (author) Patricia Marchak

Policies for Sustainably Managing Canada’s Forests

Tenure, Stumpage Fees, and Forest Practices

by (author) Martin K. Luckert, David Haley & George Hoberg

British Columbia’s Inland Rainforest

Ecology, Conservation, and Management

by (author) Susan K. Stevenson, Harold M. Armleder, André Arsenault, Darwyn Coxson, S. Craig DeLong & Michael Jull

Forestry and Biodiversity

Learning How to Sustain Biodiversity in Managed Forests

edited by Fred L. Bunnell & Glen B. Dunsworth

The Woodlot Management Handbook

Making the Most of Your Wooded Property For Conservation, Income or Both

by (author) Stewart Hilts & Peter Mitchell
illustrated by Ann-Ida Beck

Setting the Standard

Certification, Governance, and the Forest Stewardship Council

by (author) Christopher Tollefson, Fred Gale & David Haley

Raftsman, The

A Saga of the St. Lawrence

by (author) Leon Robidoux

Forestry and the Forest Industry in Japan

edited by Yoshiya Iwai

The Legacy of John Waldie and Sons

A History of the Victoria Harbour Lumber Company

by (author) Kenneth A. Armson & Marjorie McLeod


Forest and Industry on British Columbia's North Coast, 1870–2005

by (author) Richard A. Rajala

Forestry and Environmental Change

Socioeconomic and Political Dimensions

edited by J.L. Innes, G. Hickey & H.F. Hoen

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