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Seeking Asylum

Building a Shareable World

by (author) Toula Drimonis

Ghost Citizens

Decolonial Apparitions of Stateless, Foreign and Wayward Figures in Law

by (author) Jamie Chai Yun Liew

Governing the Displaced

Race and Ambivalence in Global Capitalism

by (author) Ali Bhagat

Refugees Are (Not) Welcome Here

The Paradox of Protection in Canada

by (author) Azar Masoumi

The Edwin Fox

How an Ordinary Sailing Ship Connected the World in the Age of Globalization, 1850-1914

by (author) Boyd Cothran & Adrian Shubert

New World Dreams

Canadian Pacific Railway and the Golden Northwest

by (author) David Laurence Jones

The Mosaic Myth

The Social Integration of Newcomers to Canada

by (author) Domenic Diamante

Essential Work, Disposable Workers

Migration, Capitalism and Class

by (author) Mostafa Henaway
foreword by Harsha Walia

Alliance and Conflict

The World System of the Iñupiaq Eskimos

by (author) Ernest S. Burch

Who Gets In

An Immigration Story

by (author) Norman Ravvin

Ukrainian Ritual on the Prairies

Growing a Ukrainian Canadian Identity

by (author) Natalie Kononenko

Racism in Southern Alberta and Anti-Racist Activism for Change

Expressions of Inequity in Southern Alberta

edited by Caroline Hodes & Glenda Tibe Bonifacio

Cleaning Up

Portuguese Women's Fight for Labour Rights in Toronto

by (author) Susana P. Miranda
with Franca Iacovetta

Harvesting Freedom

The Life of a Migrant Worker in Canada

by (author) Gabriel Allahdua
with Edward Dunsworth


by (author) Nina Mosall


An Immigrant's Voyage into Prince Edward Island Life

edited by Elizabeth Iwunwa
by (photographer) Gessy Robin Shumbusho
contributions by Ilona Daniel

Forging Diasporic Citizenship

Narratives from German-Born Turkish Ausländer

by (author) Gül Çalışkan

Art for Coexistence

Unlearning the Way We See Migration

by (author) Christine Ross

Containing Diversity

Canada and the Politics of Immigration in the 21st Century

by (author) Yasmeen Abu-Laban, Ethel Tungohan & Christina Gabriel

Nothing But the Truth

A Memoir

by (author) Marie Henein

An Irish Heart

How A Small Immigrant Community Shaped Canada

by (author) Sharon Doyle Driedger

Tales from the Homestead

A History of Prairie Pioneers, 1867–1914

by (author) Sandra Rollings-Magnusson

Screening Out

HIV Testing and the Canadian Immigration Experience

by (author) Laura Bisaillon

Finding Safe Harbour

Supporting Integration of Refugee Youth

by (author) Emily Pelley

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