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Settler Ecologies

The Enduring Nature of Settler Colonialism in Kenya

by (author) Charis Enns & Brock Bersaglio

Perspectives on Traditional Health

by (author) Ilisapi Ootoova, Tipuula Qaapik Atagutsiak & Tirisi Ijjangiaq

The Franz Boas Papers, Volume 2

Franz Boas, James Teit, and Early Twentieth-Century Salish Ethnography

by (author) Franz Boas
edited by Andrea Laforet, Angie Bain, John Haugen, Sarah Moritz & Andie Diane Palmer

Where Am I in the Picture?

Researcher Positionality in Rural Studies

edited by Claudia Mitchell, Katarina Giritli-Nygren & Relebohile Molestane

The Elephant Has Two Sets of Teeth

Bhutanese Refugees and Humanitarian Governance

by (author) Alice Neikirk

Expanding Mindscapes

A Global History of Psychedelics

edited by Erika Dyck & Chris Elcock

Food Mobilities

Making World Cuisines

edited by Daniel E. Bender & Simone Cinotto

Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit

Shamanism and Reintegrating Wrongdoers into the Community

edited by Jarich Oosten & Frédéric B. Laugrand

The Age of Insecurity

Coming Together as Things Fall Apart

by (author) Astra Taylor

Making Gender

Big Pharma, HPV Vaccine Policy, and Women's Ontological Decision-Making

by (author) Michelle Wyndham-West

Interpreting the Body

Between Meaning and Matter

contributions by Ben Spatz, Kathryn Linn Geurts, Sefakore Komabu-Pomeyie, Sweta Rajan-Rankin, Mrinalini Greedharry, Lee Monaghan, Piper Sledge, Erin Johnston, Brittney Miles, Chandra Russo & Annemarie Jutel
edited by Anne Marie Champagne & Asia Friedman

Interpretive Sociology and the Semiotic Imagination

contributions by J.I. Bakker, Wayne Brekhus, Todd Madigan, Paul McLean, Rein Raud, Eunkyung Song & Elizabeth Wissinger
edited by Andrea Cossu & Jorge Fontdevila

Under Pressure

Diamond Mining and Everyday Life in Northern Canada

by (author) Lindsay A. Bell

Under Pressure

Diamond Mining and Everyday Life in Northern Canada

by (author) Lindsay A.,. Bell

Sensorial Investigations

A History of the Senses in Anthropology, Psychology, and Law

by (author) David Howes

Moral Figures

Making Reproduction Public in Vanuatu

by (author) Alexandra Widmer

Witness to the Human Rights Tribunals

How the System Fails Indigenous Peoples

by (author) Bruce Granville Miller
foreword by Sharon Venne-Manyfingers

Bringing Home Animals, 2nd edition

Mistissini Hunters of Northern Quebec

by (author) Adrian Tanner


Turning Compassion into Action

by (author) David Johnston
with Brian Hanington
foreword by Rosalie Abella

Kurds in Dark Times

New Perspectives on Violence and Resistance in Turkey

edited by Ayça Alemdaroglu & Fatma Müge Göçek
contributions by Metin Atmaca, Janet Klein, Baris Ünlü, Michael Ferguson, Gullistan Yarkin, Deniz Duruiz, Sefika Kumral, Ali Keles, Delal Aydin, Amy Bartholomew, Rusen Firat Güllüoglu, Emine Rezzan Karaman, Hazal Atay & Nisa Göksel
afterword by Hamit Bozarslan

Forging Diasporic Citizenship

Narratives from German-Born Turkish Ausländer

by (author) Gül Çalışkan

TautukKonik | Looking Back

Piusigilauttavut Labradoriup Taggâni, 1969–1986 | A Portrait of Inuit Life in Northern Labrador, 1969–1986

by (author) Candace Cochrane, Andrea Procter & Nunatsiavut Creative Group

Histories, Territories and Laws of the Kitwancool

Second Edition, with a New Foreword by the Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs

translated by Constance Cox
edited by Wilson Duff

In the Name of Wild

One Family, Five Years, Ten Countries, and a New Vision of Wildness

by (author) Phillip Vannini & April Vannini
with Autumn Vannini

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