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Shrews and Moles of British Columbia

by (author) David W. Nagorsen & Nick Panter

Semi-aquatic Mammals

Ecology and Biology

by (author) Glynnis A. Hood
illustrated by Meaghan Brierley

Mammals of Prince Edward Island and Adjacent Marine Waters

by (author) Rosemary Curley, Pierre-Yves Daoust, Donald McAlpine, Kim Riehl & Dan McAskill

Fluctuations in the Numbers of the Varying Hare (Lepus Americanus)

by (author) D.A. MacLulich

The North American Buffalo

A Critical Study of the Species in its Wild State (2nd Edition)

by (author) Frank Gilbert Roe

Bensley's Practical Anatomy of the Rabbit

An Elementary Laboratory Text-Book in Mammalian Anatomy (Eighth Edition, Revised and Edited)

edited by Edward Craigie

The Homeward Wolf

by (author) Kevin Van Tighem


Giant Beasts of Pleistocene South America

by (author) Richard A. Fariña, Sergio F. Vizcaíno & Gerry De Iuliis
illustrated by Sebastián Tambusso

Hoofed Mammals of British Columbia

by (author) David Shackleton

The Natural History of Canadian Mammals

by (author) Donna Naughton & Canadian Museum of Nature

Planet Arctic

Life at the Top of the World

by (author) Wayne Lynch

Marine Mammal Research

Conservation beyond Crisis

edited by John E. Reynolds III, William F. Perrin, Randall R. Reeves & Suzanne Montgomery
by (author) Timothy J. Ragen

Rodents and Lagomorphs of British Columbia

by (author) David Nagorsen

A Laboratory Guide to the Mammalian Embryo

edited by David K. Gardner, Michelle Lane & Andrew J. Watson

The Behavior of the Horse

by (author) Andrew F. Fraser

Prolific Sheep

edited by Mohamed H. Fahmy

Opossums, Shrews and Moles of British Columbia

by (author) David W. Nagorsen

Just Bats

by (author) M. Brock Fenton