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Homage to P.K. Page

edited by Yvonne Blomer & D.C. Reid

Kink Bands

by (author) David Martin

acâhkos nikamowini-pîkiskwêwina—The Star Poems

nêhiyawi-kîsik âcimowin—A Cree Sky Narrative

by (author) Jesse Archibald-Barber

Before During After

by (author) Christopher Heide

Bramah’s Quest

by (author) Renée Sarojini Saklikar

Swim / into the North's Blue Eye

by (author) Annette Lapointe

milk and honey 12-Month 2024 Monthly/Weekly Agenda Calendar

by (author) Rupi Kaur

The All + Flesh


by (author) Brandi Bird


A Poetic Migration via the Modernisms of Rukeyser, Bishop, Grimké (de Castro, Vallejo)

by (author) Erín Moure & Elisa Sampedrín

The All + Flesh


by (author) Brandi Bird

Falling Back in Love with Being Human

Letters to Lost Souls

by (author) Kai Cheng Thom

Tiger Poems

by (author) Clare Thiessen

Poems for a Phantom Lover

by (author) Jennifer Dickson

Are We Friends Now?

An Anthology By and About 2SLGBTQ+ Youth

edited by Tom Ryan


by (author) Harry Thurston

The 2023 Griffin Poetry Prize Anthology

A Selection of the Shortlist

edited by Gregory Scofield

Before Combustion

by (author) Nicholas Bradley

Mattress Makers

by (author) Sasenarine Persaud

Mattress Makers

by (author) Sasenarine Persaud

Muster Points

by (author) Lucas Crawford

Montreal Poetry Prize Anthology 2022, The

edited by Eli MacLaren

When Africa Calls Uhuru

by (author) Henry Beissel

The Vanishing Act (& The Miracle After)

by (author) Mirabel

Spells, Wishes, and the Talking Dead

ᒪᒪᐦᑖᐃᐧᓯᐃᐧᐣ ᐸᑯᓭᔨᒧᐤ ᓂᑭᐦᒋ ᐋᓂᐢᑯᑖᐹᐣ mamahtâwisiwin, pakosêyimow, nikihci-âniskotâpân

by (author) Wanda John-Kehewin

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