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The Art of Misadventure

The Outtakes and Mistakes Of An Adventurous Photographer

by (author) Dave Brosha
foreword by Curtis Jones

Supplement 6: Two Hot Horses

by (author) Moyra Davey
photographs by Peter Hujar, Sarah Anne Johnson, Allen Frame, Zoe Leonard & Gary Schneider

We Rise Again

More Stories of Hope and Resilience from Nova Scotia during the COVID-19 Pandemic

by (author) Len Wagg & Angela Mombourquette


A History in Pictures

by (author) Belinda Crowson, Bobbie Fox, Lorien Johansen & Geroge Kuhl

Grain Elevators

Beacons on the Prairies

photographs by Chris Attrell
text by Christine Hanlon

Forgotten Nova Scotia

photographs by Ted Pritchard & Ingrid Bulmer

Lost Kootenays

by (author) Greg Nesteroff & Eric Brighton

The Mission

by (author) Douglas MacClellan

Stay the Blazes Home

Dispatches from Nova Scotia during the COVID-19 Pandemic

by (photographer) Len Wagg

Abandoned Alberta

by (photographer) Joe Chowaniec

Old Winnipeg

A History in Pictures

by (author) Christine Hanlon

Slow Seconds

The Photography of George Thomas Taylor

by (author) Ronald Rees & Joshua Green

Forgotten Saskatchewan

by (author) Chris Attrell

Ned Pratt

One Wave

by (author) Mireille Eagan, Sarah Fillmore, Ray Cronin & Jonathan Shaughnessy

Marlene Creates

Places, Paths, and Pauses

edited by Susan Gibson Garvey & Andrea Kunard

Nan Goldin

The Warrior Medusa

by (author) Martine Delvaux


Not Like the Other Girls

by (author) S.D. Holman

Abandoned Futures

A Journey to the Posthuman World

by (author) Tong Lam

A Room in the City

Photographs of Gabor Gasztonyi

by (photographer) Gabor Gasztonyi
introduction by Harold Rhenisch & Gabor Maté