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Invisible: Reconsidering Prison

An Opportunity for Dialogue

by (author) Valerie Malla

Beyond the Binary: Thinking about Sex and Gender - Second Edition

by (author) Shannon Dea

Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) in Canada

Key Multidisciplinary Perspectives

by (author) Jaro Kotalik
edited by David W. Shannon

Knowing Reality

A Guided Introduction to Metaphysics and Epistemology

by (author) Dwayne Moore

The Power of Critical Thinking 6CE

by (author) Chris MacDonald & Lewis Vaughn

The Idea of Freedom

New Essays on the Kantian Theory of Freedom

edited by Dai Heide & Evan Tiffany

The Ethics of Social Roles

edited by Alex Barber & Sean Cordell

Archives of Joy

Reflections on Animals and the Nature of Being

by (author) Jean-Fran├žois Beauchemin
translated by David Warriner

Descartes's Method

The Formation of the Subject of Science

by (author) Tarek R. Dika

The Pragmatist Challenge

Pragmatist Metaphysics for Philosophy of Science

edited by H.K. Andersen & Sandra D. Mitchell

Making Wonderful

Ideological Roots of Our Eco-Catastrophe

by (author) Martin Tweedale

Obligation and Responsibility

by (author) Ishtiyaque Haji

Experiencing Philosophy - Second Edition

by (author) Anthony Falikowski & Susan Mills


Essays in the Philosophy of Normativity

edited by Chris Howard & R.A. Rowland

Attitudes of Play

by (author) Gabor Csepregi

Philosophy of Sport: Core Readings - Second Edition

by (author) Jason Holt

Being Social

The Philosophy of Social Human Rights

edited by Kimberley Brownlee, David Jenkins & Adam Neal

Environmental Ethics for Canadians

edited by Byron Williston

Objective Imperatives

An Exploration of Kant's Moral Philosophy

by (author) Ralph C.S. Walker

Pragmatist Quietism

A Meta-Ethical System

by (author) Andrew Sepielli

Searching for Breath

Life, Death and the Air in Between

by (author) Jono Lineen

The Sensible and Intelligible Worlds

New Essays on Kant's Metaphysics and Epistemology

edited by Karl Schafer & Nicholas F. Stang

Shattering Silos

Reimagining Knowledge, Politics, and Social Critique

by (author) Lambert Zuidervaart

The Semantics of Knowledge Attributions

by (author) Michael Blome-Tillmann

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