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Residential Water Demand and Economic Development

by Terence R. Lee
edition: eBook
tagged: economic development, developing countries, natural resources

In the last twenty years the problem of urban public water supples has become increasingly serious. Disparities between the effective supply of, and demand for, water has grown rapidly and now constitute a danger to public health. This study deals with the place of urban public water supplies in economic development and with the demand for such ele …


Total Transition

The Human Side of the Renewable Energy Revolution

by Sandeep Pai & Savannah Carr-Wilson
edition: eBook
tagged: india, environmental conservation & protection, natural resources

Follow the journey of a Canadian and Indian couple, Savannah and Sandeep, as they travel the world to capture the human side of one of the biggest energy transitions of our times – the global shift from fossil fuels to renewables.

In this exciting and provocative new book, readers are taken into the homes of the coal miners who live and work in Jh …


Quenching the Dragon

The Canada-China Water Crisis - An RMB Manifesto

by Robert William Sandford
edition: eBook
tagged: hydrology, environmental conservation & protection, natural resources

In this latest RMB Manifesto, Canadian freshwater expert Robert Sandford takes readers to China and shares what it is like to deal with some of the most intractable freshwater problems in the world.

It all started out innocently enough: an airliner over the Pacific and a flight attendant passing out bottles of water. What those bottles represented, …


Boiling Point

Government Neglect, Corporate Abuse, and Canada’s Water Crisis

by Maude Barlow, narrator Kelly Fanson
edition: Audiobook
also available: Paperback eBook
tagged: environmental policy, environmental conservation & protection, natural resources


Passionate and cogent, this could be the most important book of the year for Canadians

We are complacent. We bask in the idea that Canada holds 20% of the world’s fresh water — water crises face other countries, but not ours. We could not be more wrong. In Boiling Point, bestselling author and activist Maude Barlow lays bare the issues facing C …


Breaching the Peace

The Site C Dam and a Valley’s Stand against Big Hydro

by Sarah Cox, foreword by Alex Neve
edition: eBook
tagged: environmental conservation & protection, corruption & misconduct, natural resources

Breaching the Peace tells the story of the ordinary citizens who are standing up to the most expensive megaproject in BC history and the government-sanctioned bullying that has propelled it forward. Starting in 2013, journalist Sarah Cox travelled to the Peace River Valley to talk to locals about the Site C dam and BC Hydro’s claim that the clean …


Growing Community Forests

Practice, Research, and Advocacy in Canada

edited by Ryan Bullock; Gayle Broad; Lynn Palmer & M.A. (Peggy) Smith
edition: Paperback
tagged: natural resource extraction, natural resources, environmental science

Canada is experiencing an unparalleled crisis involving forests and communities across the country. While municipalities, policy makers, and industry leaders acknowledge common challenges such as an overdependence on US markets, rising energy costs, and lack of diversification, no common set of solutions has been developed and implemented. Ongoing …

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