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Wild Harvest

Edible Plants of the Pacific Northwest

by (author) Terry Domico

Making Wonderful

Ideological Roots of Our Eco-Catastrophe

by (author) Martin Tweedale

The Domination of Nature

New Edition

by (author) William Leiss

Competition Theory in Ecology

by (author) Peter A. Abrams

Sustainability, Citizen Participation, and City Governance

Multidisciplinary Perspectives

edited by Hoi L. Kong & Tanya Monforte


A History, Revised and Updated Edition

by (author) Jeremy L. Caradonna

Field Notes on Listening

by (author) Kit Dobson

Waterfalls of Ontario

by (author) Mark Harris
photographs by George Fischer

A Primer of Life Histories

Ecology, Evolution, and Application

by (author) Jeffrey A. Hutchings

Theoretical Ecology

concepts and applications

by (author) Kevin S. McCann & Gabriel Gellner

Marine Biology: A Very Short Introduction

by (author) Philip Mladenov

How to Catch a Mole

Wisdom from a Life Lived in Nature

narrator Marc Hamer


The Call of the American West

by (author) Joanna Pocock

In the Valleys of the Noble Beyond

In Search of the Sasquatch

by (author) John Zada

The Arctic

What Everyone Needs to KnowRG

by (author) Klaus Dodds & Mark Nuttall

Common Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest

British Columbia, Washington and Oregon

by (author) J. Duane Sept

Resource and Environmental Management

by (author) Bruce Mitchell

The Proterozoic in Canada

edited by James E. Gill

Hydroids of the Pacific Coast of Canada and the United States

by (author) Charles McLean Fraser

Continental Drift

edited by G.D. Garland

Researches on Fungi, Vol. VII

The Sexual Process in the Uredinales

by (author) A.H. Reginald Buller

A Naturalist's Guide to Ontario

edited by William Judd & J. Speirs

Water Rites

Reimagining Water in the West

edited by Jim Ellis
contributions by Adrian Parr, David Laidlaw, Michelle Daigle, Helen Knott, Tasha Hubbard, Nancy Tousley, Charles Tepperman, Ciara McKeown, Jodi Hilty, Aerin Jacob, Hilary Young, Kelly Zenkewich, Flora Giesbrecht, Josee Methot & Francis Anne Hopkins
by (artist) Thomas Strange, Frederic Marlett Bell-Smith, Shelly Ouellet, Leslie Sweder & Warren Cariou


a history

edited by Ingvar Svanberg & Daniel Moller

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