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Browse Books in Animal Rights

Defending Animals

Finding Hope on the Front Lines of Animal Protection

by (author) Kendra Coulter

The Be Kind Alphabet

Teaching Children Compassion Through Learning the Alphabet

by (author) Anouk Frolic

The Veganic Grower’s Handbook

Cultivating Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs from Urban Backyard to Rural Farmyard

by (author) Jimmy Videle

The Secret Life of Pigs

Stories of Compassion and the Animal Save Movement

by (author) Richard Hoyle & Anita Krajnc
foreword by Ingrid Newkirk
afterword by pattrice jones & Moby

We Animals (Revised Edition)

(Revised Edition)

by (author) Jo-Anne McArthur

Animals in Islam

Masri’s Book and Scholarly Reflections on His Work

edited by Nadeem Haque


Animal Elegies

by (author) Gordon Meade
foreword by Jo-Anne McArthur

Villain, Vermin, Icon, Kin

Wolves and the Making of Canada

by (author) Stephanie Rutherford

Vegan Geographies

Spaces Beyond Violence, Ethics Beyond Speciesism

edited by Paul Hodge, Andrew McGregor, Simon Springer, Ophelie Veron & Richard J. White

Think Like A Vegan

edited by Emilia A. Leese & Eva J. Charalambides

Confessions of an Animal Rights Terrorist

by (author) Karen Levenson


Animals in the Anthropocene

edited by Jo-Anne McArthur


A Guide to the Victims of the International Orca Slave Trade

by (author) Captain Paul Watson & Tiffany Humphrey

Zoo Studies

A New Humanities

edited by Tracy McDonald & Daniel Vandersommers

Messy Eating

Conversations on Animals as Food

contributions by Samantha King, R. Scott Carey, Isabel Macquarrie, Victoria Niva Millious, Elaine M. Power, Neel Ahuja, Billy-Ray Belcourt, Matthew R. Calarco, Lauren Corman, Naisargi N. Dave, Maneesha Deckha, María Elena García, Sharon P. Holland, H. Peter Steeves, Kelly Struthers Montford, Kim TallBear, Sunaura Taylor, Harlan Weaver, Kari Weil & Cary Wolfe

Pigs of Paradise

The Story of the World-Famous Swimming Pigs

by (author) T.R. Todd

The Subjugation of Canadian Wildlife

Failures of Principle and Policy

by (author) Max Foran

Art for Animals

Visual Culture and Animal Advocacy, 1870-1914

by (author) J. Keri Cronin

The Rights of Nature

A Legal Revolution That Could Save the World

by (author) David R. Boyd


by (author) Jo-Anne McArthur

We Animals

by (author) Jo-Anne McArthur

Animal Subjects 2.0

edited by Jodey Castricano & Lauren Corman

Cash Cow

Ten Myths about the Dairy Industry

by (author) Élise Desaulniers

Barle's Story

One Polar Bear's Amazing Recovery from Life as a Circus Act

by (author) Else Poulsen
foreword by Gay Bradshaw

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