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From Kitchen to Carnegie Hall

Ethel Stark and the Montreal Women’s Symphony Orchestra

by (author) Maria Noriega Rachwal

Elvis Is King

Costello's My Aim Is True

by (author) Richard Crouse

The Afterthought

West Coast Rock Posters and Recollections from the '60s

by (author) Jerry Kruz

Young Neil

The Sugar Mountain Years

by (author) Sharry Wilson

Last Year's Man: Leonard Cohen

by (author) Jason Schneider

Ambulance Blues: Neil Young

by (author) Jason Schneider

Urge for Going: Joni Mitchell

by (author) Jason Schneider

Trust Yourself: Blue Rodeo

by (author) Michael Barclay, Jason Schneider & Ian A.D. Jack

Two Solitudes: The Tragically Hip

by (author) Michael Barclay, Jason Schneider & Ian A.D. Jack

Representing Sound

Notes on the Ontology of Recorded Musical Communications

by (author) Jay Hodgson & Steve MacLeod

Battle of the Five Spot, The

Ornette Coleman and the New York Jazz Field

by (author) David Neil Lee

Virginia Woolf and Music

by (author) Adriana L. Varga
contributions by Sanja Bahun, Elicia Clements, Deborah Crisp, Evelyn Haller, Roger Hillman, Rosemary Lloyd, Vanessa Manhire, Jim Stewart, Emma Sutton, Mihaly Szegedy-Maszak & Trina Thompson

Music Express

The Rise, Fall & Resurrection of Canada's Music Magazine

by (author) Keith Sharp
foreword by Alan Frew

Sound, Speech, Music in Soviet and Post-Soviet Cinema

edited by Masha Salazkina
contributions by Lilya Kaganovsky, Kevin Bartig, Oksana Bulgakowa, Jeremy Hicks, Nikolai Izvolov, Evgeny Margolit, Joan Neuberger, Anna Nisnevich, Valérie Pozner, Elena Razlogova, Natalia Ryabchikova, Peter Schmelz, Joan Titus & Emma Widdis

Medieval Instrumental Dances

by (author) Timothy J. McGee

Too Much Trouble

A Very Oral History of Danko Jones

by (author) Stuart Berman

Christmas Carols

The Stories Behind the Songs

by (author) Tonya Lambert

Sonic Warfare

Sound, Affect, and the Ecology of Fear

by (author) Steve Goodman

Writing Gordon Lightfoot

The Man, the Music, and the World in 1972

by (author) Dave Bidini

Brian Eno

The Secret History

read by Alan Cross

The Dears

Lost in the Plot

by (author) Lorraine Carpenter

Centre and Periphery, Roots and Exile

Interpreting the Music of István Anhalt, György Kurtág, and Sándor Veress

edited by Friedemann Sallis, Kenneth DeLong & Robin Elliott

Friendly Remainders

Essays in Music Criticism after Adorno

by (author) Murray Dineen

Have Not Been the Same (rev)

The CanRock Renaissance 1985-1995

by (author) Michael Barclay, Ian A.D. Jack & Jason Schneider

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