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It Takes a Village

Spinning the Collective Yarn

by (author) Peter Balkwill


Audiences, Feeling, and the Production of Realness in Contemporary Performance

by (author) Kelsey Jacobson

On Writing and Failure

Or, On the Peculiar Perseverance Required to Endure the Life of a Writer

by (author) Stephen Marche

Uttering the Unutterable

Aristotle, Religion, and Literature

by (author) Louis F. Groarke

The Academic Avant-Garde

Poetry and the American University

by (author) Kimberly Quiogue Andrews

Shakespeare's Guide to Hope, Life, and Learning

by (author) Lisa Dickson, Shannon Murray & Jessica Riddell

Stalingrad Lives

Stories of Combat and Survival

by (author) Ian Garner

Making Worlds

Global Invention in the Early Modern Period

edited by Angela Vanhaelen & Bronwen Wilson

National Literature in Multinational States

edited by Albert Braz & Paul Morris

Containing Childhood

Space and Identity in Children's Literature

edited by Danielle Russell

The Discerning Narrator

Conrad, Aristotle, and Modernity

by (author) Alexia Hannis

Lost and Found Voices

Four Gay Male Writers in Exile

by (author) Luc Beaudoin

The Communion of the Book

Milton and the Humanist Revolution in Reading

by (author) David Williams

Lives Lived, Lives Imagined

Landscapes of Resilience in the Works of Miriam Toews

by (author) Sabrina Reed

The Vanishing Signs


by (author) Cam Scott

Ordinary Wonder Tales

by (author) Emily Urquhart

Children and Childhoods in L.M. Montgomery

Continuing Conversations

edited by Rita Bode, Lesley D. Clement, E. Holly Pike & Margaret Steffler

Joyce without Borders

Circulations, Sciences, Media, and Mortal Flesh

edited by James Ramey & Norman Cheadle

Corrosive Solace

Affect, Biopolitics, and the Realignment of the Repertoire, 1780-1800

by (author) Daniel O'Quinn

On Browsing

by (author) Jason Guriel

Bronwen Wallace

Essays on Her Works

edited by Wanda Campbell

Transverse Disciplines

Queer-Feminist, Anti-racist, and Decolonial Approaches to the University

edited by Simone Pfleger & Carrie Smith

The Fur Trader

From Oslo to Oxford House

by (author) Einar Odd Mortensen
with Gerd Kjustad Mortensen
edited by Ingrid Urberg & Daniel Sims

King Lear

Shakespeare's Dark Consolations

by (author) Arthur W. Frank

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