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The Judicial System of Russia

by (author) Kathryn Hendley & Peter H. Solomon

Invisible: Reconsidering Prison

An Opportunity for Dialogue

by (author) Valerie Malla

EU Fiscal Federalism

Past, Present, Future

edited by Alicia Hinarejos & Robert Schutze

From Morality to Law and Back Again

A Liber Amicorum for John Gardner

edited by Michelle Madden Dempsey & Francois Tanguay-Renaud

The Legal Singularity

How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Law Radically Better

by (author) Abdi Aidid & Benjamin Alarie

Preventing Violence in Australian

Policy, Practice and Solutions

by (author) Federation Press
edited by Andrew Day & Ephrem Fernandez

The Right Against Rights in Latin America

edited by Leigh A. Payne, Julia Zulver & Simon Escoffier

Reciprocal Freedom

Private Law and Public Right

by (author) Ernest J. Weinrib

Canadian Club

Birthright Citizenship and National Belonging

by (author) Lois Harder

Gender and International Criminal Law

edited by Indira Rosenthal, Valerie Oosterveld & Susana SaCouto

Behind The Mic

Five Decades Covering the News in the Maritimes

by (author) Rick Howe Howe

The Limits and Legitimacy of Referendums

edited by Richard Albert & Richard Stacey

Faith, Force, and Reason

An Armchair History of the Rule of Law

by (author) David Beatty

Judicializing Everything?

The Clash of Constitutionalisms in Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom

by (author) Mark S. Harding

Tax Cooperation in an Unjust World

by (author) Allison Christians & Laurens van Apeldoorn

Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Law Volume 4

edited by John Gardner, Leslie Green & Brian Leiter

The Pluralist Right to Health Care

A Framework and Case Study

by (author) Michael Da Silva

The Pluralist Right to Health Care

A Framework and Case Study

by (author) Michael DaSilva

Dilemmas of Free Expression

edited by Emmett Macfarlane

The Struggle for Human Rights

Essays in honour of Philip Alston

edited by Nehal Bhuta, Florian Hoffmann, Sarah Knuckey, Frédéric Mégret & Margaret Satterthwaite

Kant and the Law of War

by (author) Arthur Ripstein

Wise Practices

Exploring Indigenous Economic Justice and Self-Determination

edited by Robert Hamilton, John Borrows, Brent Mainprize, Ryan Beaton & Joshua Ben David Nichols

Crisis in Canada's Policing

Why change is so hard, and how we can get real reform in our police forces

by (author) John Sewell
with Christopher J. Williams

Dangerous Opportunities

The Future of Financial Institutions, Housing Policy, and Governance

edited by Stephanie Ben-Ishai

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