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Power Played

A Critical Criminology of Sport

edited by Derek Silva & Liam Kennedy

Building Justice

Frank Iacobucci and the Life Cycles of Law

by (author) Shauna Van Praagh

Lady Justice

Women, the Law, and the Battle to Save America

by (author) Dahlia Lithwick

Rights and the City

Problems, Progress, and Practice

edited by Sandeep Agrawal

Corporate Law and Sustainability from the Next Generation of Lawyers

edited by Carol Liao
foreword by Joel Bakan

International Law, 3/e

Doctrine, Practice, and Theory

by (author) John H. Currie, Craig Forcese, Joanna Harrington & Valerie Oosterveld

Education Law for Teachers and School Administrators

by (author) Jerome G. Delaney

A Good Country

My Life in Twelve Towns and the Devastating Battle for a White America

by (author) Sofia Ali-Khan

Investment Arbitration and State-Driven Reform

New Treaties, Old Outcomes

by (author) Wolfgang Alschner

Behind The Mic

Five Decades Covering the News in the Maritimes

by (author) Rick Howe Howe

Picking Up the Slack

Law, Institutions, and Canadian Climate Policy

by (author) Andrew Green

Canadian Immigration Handbook

A Guide to Essential Immigration Knowledge

by (author) Hui Zhang

House Rules

Changing Families, Evolving Norms, and the Role of the Law

edited by Erez Aloni & Régine Tremblay

Changing of the Guards

Private Influences, Privatization, and Criminal Justice in Canada

edited by Alex Luscombe, Kevin Walby & Derek Silva

Cyber-Threats to Canadian Democracy

edited by Holly Ann Garnett & Michael Pal

Guide to the Law and Practice of Anti-SLAPP Proceedings

by (author) David Potts & Erin Stoik

The Limits and Legitimacy of Referendums

edited by Richard Albert & Richard Stacey

The Future of Open Data

edited by Pamela Robinson & Teresa Scassa
series edited by Michael Geist
contributions by Tenille Brown, Haewon Chung, Sarah Greene, Peter Johnson, Elizabeth Judge, Tracey Lauriault, Ian Parfitt, Fernando Perini, Claus Rinner, Renee Sieber, Christine Varga & Lisa Ward Mather


An Illustrated History

by (author) Susan C. Boyd
designed by David Lester

Every Cyclist's Guide to Canadian Law

by (author) Craig Forcese & Nicole LaViolette

Constitutionalizing Criminal Law

by (author) Colton Fehr

Scandalous Conduct

Canadian Officer Courts Martial, 1914–45

by (author) Matthew Barrett

Banning Transgender Conversion Practices

A Legal and Policy Analysis

by (author) Florence Ashley

Reconciliation and Indigenous Justice

A Search for Ways Forward

by (author) David Milward

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