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Gathering a Heritage

Ukrainian, Slavonic, and Ethnic Canada and the USA

by (author) Thomas M. Prymak

Slow Road to Brownsville

A Journey through the Heart of the Old West

by (author) David Reynolds

Flight of the Eagle

A Strategic History of the United States

by (author) Conrad Black

Canadians and Their Pasts

The Pasts Collective

by (author) Margaret Conrad, Kadriye Ercikan, Gerald Friesen, Jocelyn L├ętourneau, D.A. Muise, David Northrup & Peter Seixas

Sword of the Spirit, Shield of Faith

Religion in American War and Diplomacy

by (author) Andrew Preston

Canadians with Custer

by (author) Mary Thomas

Smugglers of the West

Tales of Contraband and Crooks

by (author) Rosemary Neering

All or Nothing

A Short History of Abstinence in America

by (author) Jessica Warner


Drug War Films in Britain, Canada, and the U.S.

by (author) Susan C. Boyd

The Uncrowned King

The Sensational Rise of William Randolph Hearst

by (author) Kenneth Whyte

My Fellow Americans

Presidents Speak to the People in Troubled Times

edited by Michael Worek

The Reagan Revolution: A Very Short Introduction

by (author) Gil Troy

What Is America?

A Short History of the New World Order

by (author) Ronald Wright

Slavery's Constitution

by (author) David Waldstreicher

Rebellious Younger Brother

Oneida Leadership and Diplomacy, 1750-1800

by (author) David Norton

Barry Commoner and the Science of Survival

The Remaking of American Environmentalism

by (author) Michael Egan

Griffith Taylor

Visionary, Environmentalist, Explorer

by (author) Carolyn Strange & Alison Bashford

Nixon in the World

American Foreign Relations, 1969-1977

edited by Fredrik Logevell & Andrew Preston


across the American West 1850-1920

by (author) John A. Sells

Nixon in China

The Week That Changed The World

by (author) Margaret MacMillan

The Long Road to Change

America's Revolution, 1750-1820

by (author) Eric Nellis

Historical Atlas of the United States

by (author) Derek Hayes

Permeable Border

The Great Lakes Basin as Transnational Region, 1650-1990

by (author) John J. Bukowczyk, Nora Faires, David R. Smith & Randy W. Widdis

United States Foreign Oil Policy Since World War I

For Profits and Security, Second Edition

by (author) Stephen J. Randall

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