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Violence, Order, and Unrest

A History of British North America, 1749-1876

edited by Elizabeth Mancke, Jerry Bannister, Denis B. McKim & Scott W. See

"Dangerous Enemy Sympathizers"

Canadian Internment Camp B, 1940-1945

by (author) Andrew Theobald

Soldiers and Politicians


by (author) Maurice A. Pope

Double Threat

Canadian Jews, the Military, and World War II

by (author) Ellin Bessner

Fighting with the Empire

Canada, Britain, and Global Conflict, 1867–1947

edited by Steve Marti & William John Pratt

"Without fear and with a manly heart"

The Great War Letters and Diaries of Private James Herbert Gibson

edited by K. Bruce Newbold & L. Iris Newbold
with Evelyn A. Walters & Mark G. Walters

The Selected Works of George R. Lindsey

Operational Research, Strategic Studies, and Canadian Defence in the Cold War

by (author) George R. Lindsey
edited by Matthew Wiseman

The Stone Frigate

The Royal Military College's First Female Cadet Speaks Out

by (author) Kate Armstrong

Scattering Chaff

Canadian Air Power and Censorship During the Kosovo War

by (author) Bob Bergen

Contact Charlie

The Canadian Army, the Taliban, and the Battle for Afghanistan

by (author) Chris Wattie

Wolfe and Montcalm

by (author) H.R. Casgrain

The Conscription Crisis of 1944

by (author) Robert Dawson

In Defence of Canada Volume I

From the Great War to the Great Depression

by (author) James Eayrs

In Defence of Canada Volume II

Appeasement and Rearmament

by (author) James Eayrs

Last Flight to Stuttgart

Searching for the Bomber Boys of Lancaster EQ-P

by (author) Lisa Jean Russ

Canada and the First World War, Second Edition

Essays in Honour of Robert Craig Brown

edited by David MacKenzie

From Rinks to Regiments

Hockey Hall-of-Famers and the Great War

by (author) Alan Livingstone MacLeod

A Family of Brothers

Soldiers of the 26th New Brunswick Battalion in the Great War

by (author) J. Brent Wilson

They Fought in Colour / La Guerre en couleur

A New Look at Canada's First World War Effort / Nouveau regard sur le Canada dans la Première Guerre mondiale

edited by The Vimy Foundation
foreword by Paul Gross
afterword by Peter Mansbridge
translated by Daniel Poliquin

Jackspeak of the Royal Canadian Navy

A Glossary of Naval Terminology

by (author) Mark Nelson

The Thunderbird, the Quesnel & the Sea

by (author) Bev Lundahl

Where Duty Lies

A New Brunswick Soldier in the Trenches of World War 1

by (author) John Cunningham

Recipes for Victory

Great War Food from the Front and Kitchens Back Home in Canada

by (author) Elizabeth Baird & Bridget Wranich

Dam Busters

Canadian Airmen and the Secret Raid Against Nazi Germany

by (author) Ted Barris

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