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But I Live

Three Stories of Child Survivors of the Holocaust

edited by Charlotte Schallié, illustrated by Barbara Yelin; Gilad Seliktar & Miriam Libicki
edition: Hardcover
tagged: jewish, jewish studies, history, holocaust

An intimate co-creation of three graphic novelists and four Holocaust survivors, But I Live consists of three illustrated stories based on the experiences of each survivor during and after the Holocaust.


David Schaffer and his family survived in Romania due to their refusal to obey Nazi collaborators. In the Netherlands, brothers Nico and Rolf Kamp …


A Light in the Clouds

by Margalith Esterhuizen
edition: Paperback
tagged: holocaust, historical

Margalith and her older sister, Dorica, grow up in a warm, close-knit family in Romania, but at a young age, the girls tragically lose their mother. Just as they are readjusting to a new family life, their childhood abruptly comes to a brutal end — Romania aligns itself with Nazi Germany and antisemitism boils over in their community. In 1941, Ro …


Kiss the Red Stairs

The Holocaust, Once Removed

by Marsha Lederman
edition: Hardcover
tagged: personal memoirs, jewish studies, holocaust

For readers of All Things Consoled by Elizabeth Hay and They Left Us Everything by Plum Johnson, Kiss the Red Stairs is a compelling memoir by award-winning journalist Marsha Lederman delves into her parents’ Holocaust stories in the wake of her own divorce, investigating how trauma migrates through generations with empathy, h …


The Boy in the Woods

A True Story of Survival During the Second World War

by Maxwell Smart
edition: eBook
tagged: holocaust, personal memoirs, jewish

The astonishing #1 bestselling story of a boy who survived the war by hiding in the Polish forest

Maxwell Smart was eleven years old when his entire family was killed before his eyes. He might have died along with them, but his mother selflessly ordered him to save himself. Alone in the forest, he dug a hole in the ground for shelter and foraged fo …


Kingdom of Night

Witnesses to the Holocaust

by Mark Celinscak
edition: Paperback
also available: eBook Hardcover
tagged: holocaust, canada, jewish, post-confederation (1867-), jewish studies

In April 1945, when the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp was surrendered and handed over to the British Army, Canadian forces arrived on scene to provide support, to bear witness, and to document the crimes. They were overwhelmed, understaffed, and left without adequate supplies, equipment, and medicine. Their encounters at the camp were haunting, …


The Betrayal of Anne Frank

A Cold Case Investigation

by Rosemary Sullivan
edition: Hardcover
also available: eBook
tagged: holocaust, jewish, historical

Less a mystery unsolved than a secret well kept...

Using new technology, recently discovered documents and sophisticated investigative techniques, an international team—led by an obsessed retired FBI agent—has finally solved the mystery that has haunted generations since World War II: Who betrayed Anne Frank and her family? And why?

Over thirty m …

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