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Out There

The Batshit Antics of the World's Great Explorers

by (author) Peter Rowe

Where the Falcon Flies

A 3,400 Kilometre Odyssey From My Doorstep to the Arctic

by (author) Adam Shoalts

Pacific Voyages

The Story of Sail in the Great Ocean

by (author) Gordon Miller


Lord Selkirk’s Scottish Colonists and the Battle for Canada’s West, 1813–1816

by (author) Robert Lower

Tales of an Unsung Sourdough

The Extraordinary Klondike Adventures of Johnny Lind

by (author) Phil Lind & Robert Brehl

Death in the Snow

Pedro de Alvarado and the Illusive Conquest of Peru

by (author) W. George Lovell

Antarctic Pioneer

The Trailblazing Life of Jackie Ronne

by (author) Joanna Kafarowski

In Those Days: Inuit and Explorers

Inuit and Explorers

by (author) Kenn Harper

The Whisper on the Night Wind

The True History of a Wilderness Legend

by (author) Adam Shoalts

The York Factory Express

Fort Vancouver to Hudson Bay, 1826-1849

by (author) Nancy Marguerite Anderson

Captain Cook Rediscovered

Voyaging to the Icy Latitudes

by (author) David L. Nicandri

Blood and Salt

by (author) Robert MacKinnon


River of Dreams

by (author) Wade Davis

Ancient Bones

Unearthing the Astonishing New Story of How We Became Human

by (author) Madelaine Böhme, Rüdiger Braun & Florian Breier
translated by Jane Billinghurst
foreword by David R. Begun

Winter 8000

Climbing the World's Highest Mountains in the Coldest Season

by (author) Bernadette McDonald

Beyond the Trees

A Journey Alone Across Canada's Arctic

by (author) Adam Shoalts

Service on the Skeena

Horace Wrinch, Frontier Physician

by (author) Geoff Mynett

In Nature's Realm

Early Naturalists Explore Vancouver Island

by (author) Michael Layland

Stanley's Dream

The Medical Expedition to Easter Island

by (author) Jacalyn Duffin

Hunters on the Track

William Penny and the Search for Franklin

by (author) W. Gillies Ross

To the Shores of Chile

The Journal and History of the Brouwer Expedition to Valdivia in 1643

by (author) Mark Meuwese

The Windsor Border Region

edited by E.J. Lajeunesse

Bush Runner

The Adventures of Pierre-Esprit Radisson

by (author) Mark Bourrie


Founder of Quebec, Father of New France

by (author) Narcisse-Eutrope Dionne

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