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Browse Books in Atlantic Provinces (nb, Nl, Ns, Pe)

Out Here

Governor Sir Humphrey Walwyn’s Quarterly Reports from Newfoundland, 1936–1946

edited by Melvin Baker & Peter Neary

Out Here

Governor Sir Humphrey Walwyn's Quarterly Reports from Newfoundland, 1936-1946

edited by Melvin Baker & Peter Neary

Becoming Green Gables

The Diary of Myrtle Webb and Her Famous Farmhouse

by (author) Alan MacEachern

The Little Red Nova Scotian Schoolhouse

For Whom the Bell Rings

by (author) David Mossman

The Lucky and the Lost

The Lives of Titanic’s Children

by (author) John Boileau & Patricia Boileau Theriault

Cape Breton in the Long Twentieth Century

Formations and Legacies of Industrial Capitalism

edited by Lachlan MacKinnon & Andrew Parnaby

The Co-operators

The People Behind the Rebirth of a Nova Scotia Movement 1949-2032

by (author) Alec Bruce

Lost in the Crowd

Acadian Soldiers of Canada's First World War

by (author) Gregory M.W. Kennedy

Labrador, A Reader's Guide

by (author) Robin McGrath

In Perpetuity

The First World War Soldiers of the Fredericton War Memorial

edited by James Rowinski

Who Killed Richard Oland?

A real-life murder mystery

by (author) Janice Middleton

Symphony Nova Scotia at 54

A Milestone of Musical History

by (author) Mary Lu MacDonald, Adrian Hoffman & Jane Gordon

Mischief in High Places

The Life and Times of Sir Richard Squires

by (author) Ted Rowe

Let It All Fall

Underground Music and the Culture of Rebellion in Newfoundland, 1977–95

edited by Mike Heffernan


How Canada Cancels Blackness

by (author) George Elliott Clarke

The Slow Rush of Colonization

Spaces of Power in the Maritime Peninsula, 1680–1790

by (author) Thomas Peace

Building a Better Boat

How the Cape Island Longliner Saved Nova Scotia’s Inshore Fishery

by (author) Donald Feltmate

We Shall Persist

Women and the Vote in the Atlantic Provinces

by (author) Heidi MacDonald

Oak Island Odyssey: A Masonic Quest

by (author) Scott Clarke

Against the Tides

Reshaping Landscape and Community in Canada’s Maritime Marshlands

by (author) Ronald Rudin

Making the Best of It

Women and Girls of Canada and Newfoundland during the Second World War

edited by Sarah Glassford & Amy J. Shaw

The Forgotten Acadians

... a story of discovery (UPDATED EDITION)

by (author) Jude Avery
edited by Francis G. Mitchell
guest editor Virginia Houston
cover design or artwork by Janet Soley

In the Spirit of ’68

Youth Culture, the New Left, and the Reimagining of Acadia

by (author) Joel Belliveau

In Defence of Home Places

Environmental Activism in Nova Scotia

by (author) Mark R. Leeming

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