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Past the End of the Road

A North Island Boyhood

by (author) Michel Drouin


Your Guide to the Falls and Beyond

by (author) Ron Brown

But We Built Roads for Them

The Lies, Racism and Amnesia that Bury Italy's Colonial Past

by (author) Francesco Filippi
translated by Domenic Cusmano
introduction by Robin Philpot

Stalin's Failed Alliance

The Struggle for Collective Security, 1936-1939

by (author) Michael Jabara Carley

The Honourable John Norquay

Indigenous Premier, Canadian Statesman

by (author) Gerald Friesen

Dream Car

Malcolm Bricklin's Fantastic SV1 and the End of Industrial Modernity

by (author) Dimitry Anastakis

mmm... Manitoba

The Stories Behind the Foods We Eat

by (author) Kimberley Moore & Janis Thiessen

The Peace

A Warrior's Journey

by (author) Romeo Dallaire

Irrepressible- Yukon's Martha Black

From Gold Rush to Parliament Hill

by (author) Enid Mallory

The Lucky and the Lost

The Lives of Titanic's Children

by (author) John Boileau
with Patricia Theriault

Arctic Patrol

Canada’s Fight for Arctic Sovereignty

by (author) Eric Jamieson

The Riel Problem

Canada, the Métis, and a Resistant Hero

by (author) Albert Braz

Cape Breton in the Long Twentieth Century

Formations and Legacies of Industrial Capitalism

edited by Lachlan MacKinnon & Andrew Parnaby

The Cooperators

The People Behind the Rebirth of a Nova Scotia Movement 1949-2024

by (author) Alec Bruce

The Little Red Nova Scotian Schoolhouse

For Whom the Bell Rings

by (author) David Mossman

Their Benevolent Design

Conservative Women and Protestant Child Charities in Montreal

by (author) Janice Harvey

When the Whalers Were Up North

Inuit Memories from the Eastern Arctic

by (author) Dorothy Harley Eber
read by Brianne Tucker

The Death of Tony

On Belonging in Two Worlds

by (author) Antanas Sileika

The Road Past Monchy

Fighting the First World War at Arras, 1914–1918

by (author) Terence Loveridge


A Cardiac Surgeon's Story of Immigration and Innovation

by (author) Arvind Koshal

Canada's Long Fight Against Democracy

by (author) Yves Engler & Owen Schalk


Tales of the Northern Sasquatch Revised and Expanded Edition

by (author) Red Grossinger
foreword by Raymond Yakeleya


My Fight for Freedom and Human Rights in Afghanistan

by (author) Sima Samar
with Sally Armstrong

One Long Line of Marvel

200 Years of Montreal’s St. Patrick’s Parade

by (author) Alan Hustak

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