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Browse Books in Small Town & Rural

Dance of the Happy Shades

by (author) Alice Munro

A Small Town Fourth of July

A Clean and Uplifting Romance

by (author) Janice Carter

An Amish Country Reunion

A Clean and Uplifting Romance

by (author) Patricia Johns

Death & Other Inconveniences

by (author) Lesley Crewe

The Beech Forest

by (author) Marlis Wesseler

Sunset Lake Resort

by (author) Joanne Jackson

Bird Suit

by (author) Sydney Hegele

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

by (author) Michelle Hébert

A Secret Between Them

An Uplifting Inspirational Romance

by (author) Donna Gartshore

Harlequin Heartwarming May 2024 Box Set

A Clean and Uplifting Romance

by (author) Anna Grace, Jen Gilroy, M.K. Stelmack & LeAnne Bristow

The Cowgirl Nanny

A Clean and Uplifting Romance

by (author) Jen Gilroy

A Family for His Boys

A Clean and Uplifting Romance

by (author) M.K. Stelmack

The Grandfathers

A Translation of Les grands-pères

translated by Marc Plourde
by (author) Victor-Lévy Beaulieu

The Saint Elias

A Translation of Le Saint-Élias

by (author) Jacques Ferron
translated by Pierre Cloutier

What’s Not Mine

A Novel

by (author) Nora Decter

A Dublin Student Doctor

An Irish Country Novel

by (author) Patrick Taylor

Le verger de M. Drumlin

by (author) Keith Weaver

The Vicar Vortex

by (author) Vince R. Ditrich

The Devil in Blue Jeans

by (author) Stacey Kennedy

The Texan's Secrets

A Sexy Small Town Matchmaking Romance

by (author) Barbara Dunlop

Johnny Sandleaves

by (author) Lucien Firman Cattrysse

Duck Island

by (author) Steve Weiner

A Maverick's Holiday Homecoming

by (author) Brenda Harlen

Pinching Zwieback

by (author) Mitch Toews

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