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Love for a Deaf Rebel

Schizophrenia on Bowen Island

by Derrick King, narrator Joe Vaz
edition: Audiobook
tagged: love & romance, people with disabilities

Love for a Deaf Rebel introduces readers to a vivacious Canadian woman who was born into a silent world and with the foundation for schizophrenia. With pathos and nostalgia, the author recounts his roller-coaster ride with Pearl, a vivacious deaf maverick, who, unknown to him, had paranoid schizophrenia. We follow their encounters through actual no …


Beauty in Love and Sorrows

by Sheila Atienza
edition: eBook
tagged: love & romance, death

This book "Beauty in Love and Sorrows" reflects the narrative of a woman named Beauty as she goes through self-navigation, tapping into her emotional energy, in falling in love, getting hurt, and her healing journey, expressed through poetry.
select excerpts:
"you are a rare
that i would keep with me with care
and guard securely from dusk t …


With Your Words in My Hands

The Letters of Antonietta Petris and Loris Palma

edited by Sonia Cancian, foreword by Antonietta Petris, afterword by Donna R Gabaccia
edition: Paperback
tagged: emigration & immigration, letters, love & romance

Following Antonietta and Loris's first kiss in the shadows of the Italian Alps barely a year after the end of the Second World War, the couple was divided by a distance far greater than could ever have been imagined. With Antonietta's family moving to Montreal, migration entered the couple's intimate worlds, stretching the distance between them fro …


Breakup to Breakthrough

10 Steps to a Spiritually Enlightened Life after Divorce

by Lana Gajic
edition: Paperback
tagged: divorce & separation, love & romance

Get over your divorce and finally move on!

Are you struggling to get over your divorce? Does it feel as if your emotions are running wild and they’re impacting your professional and personal lives? Are you nervous about dating again? Most people have tried to move on but nothing seems to work. Are you ready to stop feeling stressed and overwhelme …


A Happy Life in an Open Relationship

The Essential Guide to a Healthy and Fulfilling Nonmonogamous Love Life (Open Marriage and Polyamory Book, Couples Relationship Advice from Sex Therapist)

by Susan Wenzel
edition: Paperback
tagged: love & romance

Discover the secrets to successful open relationships. A Happy Life in an Open Relationship is a handbook to healthy nonmonogamous relationships.

For anyone curious about open relationships, here is a valuable handbook from an expert in love, sex, and communication. Relationship therapist Susan Wenzel—who is in an open marriage herself—delivers …


Astrology for Real Relationships

Understanding You, Me, and How We All Get Along

by Jessica Lanyadoo & T. Greenaway
edition: Paperback
tagged: horoscopes, fortune telling, love & romance

A modern, inclusive guide to astrology that uses the zodiac to illuminate your love life as well as your relationships with your family, your friends, and yourself.
When it comes to friendship, family, and romance, we all want the same things: to love and be loved, to communicate, to fight fair, and to feel okay in our own skin. Illuminating and …


Every Boy I Ever Kissed

by Nellwyn Lampert
edition: Paperback
also available: eBook
tagged: personal memoirs, human sexuality), love & romance, feminism & feminist theory

A bold step toward a new cultural narrative around sex

Sex was supposed to be easy. It was supposed to be fun, liberating, and empowering for a girl who’d been brought up thinking the battle for sexual equality had been won. But for Nellwyn Lampert, losing her virginity would turn out to be anything but simple. Whether she was being confronted wit …

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