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Loose Woman

my odyssey from lost to found

by Beth Kaplan
edition: eBook
tagged: personal memoirs, entertainment & performing arts, friendship

The memoir Loose Woman: my odyssey from lost to found tells how a quasi-alcoholic actor came to spend four astonishing months living and working among men with severe disabilities at a L’Arche community in Provence, and how the experience opened her heart and transformed her life.

The book brings to life the late seventies, when feminism and sexua …


Last Goldfish, The

A True Tale of Friendship

by Anita Lahey
edition: Paperback
tagged: personal memoirs, friendship

Twenty-five years ago and counting, Louisa, my true, essential, always-there-for-everything friend, died. We were 22.

When Anita Lahey opens her binder in grade nine French and gasps over an unsigned form, the girl with the burst of red hair in front of her whispers, Forge it! Thus begins an intense, joyful friendship, one of those powerful bonds f …



Find Your People, Create Community & Live a More Connected Life

read by Radha Agrawal
tagged: meditation, motivational, friendship

It's the great paradox of the digital age, what Radha Agrawal calls “community confusion” - the Internet connects us to hundreds, thousands, even millions of people, and yet we feel more isolated than ever, with one in four Americans saying they have zero friends to confide in. Where are our people? The answer is found in Belong, a highly energ …


Dinner with Edward

A Story of an Unexpected Friendship

by Isabel Vincent
edition: Paperback
tagged: personal memoirs, friendship, essays

“I loved every moment of this book . . . Everyone deserves their own Edward--and everyone deserves to read this book.” —Susannah Cahalan, bestselling author of Brain on Fire
When Isabel meets Edward, both are at a crossroads: he wants to follow his late wife to the grave, and she is ready to give up on love. Thinking she is merely helping …


Raising Emotionally Healthy Boys

by Michael Reist
edition: Paperback
tagged: conflict resolution, friendship

Raising emotionally healthy children is not just about what we need to do, but what we need to avoid doing.

We all know that repressing our feelings can be damaging, and that emotional repression is an especially prevalent issue among males. From a very young age, boys are socialized to hide their emotions. Girls, on the other hand, are encouraged …


Not Yet

A Memoir of Living and Almost Dying

by Wayson Choy
edition: Paperback
tagged: personal memoirs, death & dying, friendship

Framed by Wayson Choy’s two brushes with death, Not Yet is an intimate and insightful study of one man’s reasons for living.

In 2001, Wayson Choy suffered a combined asthma-heart attack. As he lay in his hospital bed, slipping in and out of consciousness, his days punctuated by the beeps of the machines that were keeping him alive, Choy heard t …

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