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Colour the British Columbia Coast

by (author) Yvonne Maximchuk

Colour Prince Edward Island

by (author) Nadine Staaf

The East Coast Way of Life Colouring Book

Feel the rhythm of the coast as you colour. Hear the waves and smell the salty air. It cures all.

by (author) Meghan Bangay

Hand Drawn Halifax: The Colouring Book

by (author) Emma FitzGerald

Spirit of the Wild

A Lyrical Colouring Book

by (artist) Erica Neumann
by (author) Dawn Sprung

Canada to Colour

by (author) Paul Covello & Leor Boshi

Great Canadian Cottage Colouring Book

by (author) Paul Covello & Leor Boshi

Stained Glass Painting

Create the Look of Stained Glass the Easy Way

by (author) Julie Lafaille

Skirt-a-Day Sewing

Create 28 Skirts for a Unique Look Every Day

by (author) Nicole Smith

The Duct Tape Book

25 Projects to Make With Duct Tape

by (author) Jolie Dobson


17 Pairs of Socks to Knit and Show Off

by (author) Alice Yu

The Horse Gift

Mural Mosaic in a Book

by (artist) Lewis Lavoie

Wildlife Ark

Mural Mosaic in a Book

by (artist) Lewis Lavoie


Mural Mosaic in a Book

by (artist) Lewis Lavoie

Peach Berserk's Silkscreen Now

by (author) Kingi Carpenter
with Annalisa Danowski


The Art of the Tape

by (author) Joe Wilson

Fabulous Fabrications from Busted Hockey Gear

by (author) Peter Manchester

Breit’s Quilts to Applique

by (author) Mary Engelbreit

Cathy Livingston’s Cross Stitch Artistry

by (author) Cathy Livingston

Craft Perception and Practice

A Canadian Discourse, Volume 1

edited by Paula Gustafson

Coalescence of Styles

The Ethnic Heritage of St John River Valley Regional Furniture, 1763-1851

by (author) Jane Cook

Carving Traditional Style Kachina Dolls

by (author) Tom Moore

52 Crafts

for the Christian Year

by (author) Donna Scorer

Dolls In Canada

by (author) Marion E. Hislop

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