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And So It Goes

by Paloma Valdivia, translated by Susan Ouriou
edition: eBook
  • age: 4 to 7
  • Grade: k to 2
tagged: body, mind & spirit, philosophy, death & dying

In this gentle meditation on the cycle of life, author and illustrator Paloma Valdivia gives us an opportunity to reflect on those who have gone, those who will come, and those of us who are here in this world — for the time being.

The neighbor’s cat, a favorite aunt or the fish in yesterday’s soup have gone — and we may well miss them. At t …


What Is Peace?

illustrated by Wallace Edwards
edition: Hardcover
  • age: 4 to 10
  • Grade: k to 3
tagged: values & virtues, philosophy, emotions & feelings


A stunning, thought-provoking look at finding peace in children's lives.

Peace is a familiar word, its meaning both simple and complex.

Here, Wallace Edwards explores peace and invites young readers to think about what that means to them. Through a series of linked questions combined with Edwards's singular art, the concept of peace is picked up, sh …


Great Ideas of the Renaissance

by Trudee Romanek
edition: eBook
  • age: 11
  • Grade: 6
tagged: renaissance, europe, philosophy

Great Ideas of the Renaissance surveys the major advances that were made in art, architecture, sculpture, science, medicine, transportation, and culture. Merchants, monarchs, and religious leaders all promoted and encouraged creativity, and artists, scientists, and great thinkers pushed back the frontiers of philosophy, the arts, mathematics, and t …


Nibbling on Einstein's Brain

The Good, the Bad and the Bogus in Science

by Diane Swanson, illustrated by Warren Clark
edition: Hardcover
also available: Hardcover Paperback
  • age: 9 to 12
  • Grade: 3 to 7
tagged: philosophy

"At one time cannibals in New Guinea believed they could absorb the skills and knowledge of their enemies by eating their brains."

Believe it or not, in the 1950s and 1960s competent scientists actually tested an "edible memory theory." Only through the time-honored tradition of scientists cross-checking one another's results did the theory get d …

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