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Browse Books in Africa

Wangari Speaks Out

by (author) Wangari Maathai
commentaries by Laia de Ahumada
illustrated by Vanina Starkoff
translated by Susan Ouriou

Walking for Water

How One Boy Stood Up for Gender Equality

by (author) Susan Hughes
illustrated by Nicole Miles

Red Bicycle, The

The Extraordinary Story of One Ordinary Bicycle

by (author) Jude Isabella
illustrated by Simone Shin

Child Soldier

When Boys and Girls Are Used in War

by (author) Michel Chikwanine & Jessica Dee Humphreys
illustrated by Claudia Dávila

My Happy Book

English Edition

by (author) Kathy Knowles


English Edition

by (author) Kathy Knowles

What We Like to Do

Inuktitut Edition

by (author) Monica Ittusardjuat & Kathy Knowles

All about Ama

English Edition

by (author) Kathy Knowles

From the Heart of Africa

A book of Wisdom

compiled by Eric Walters

Discovering Animals: English * French * Cree

illustrated by Neepin Auger

Elephant Keeper, The

Caring for Orphaned Elephants in Zambia

by (author) Margriet Ruurs
illustrated by Pedro Covo

Unis par le jeu

Comment le soccer peut changer le monde

by (author) Katie Smith Milway
illustrated by Shane Evans

Banana-Leaf Ball, The

How Play Can Change the World

by (author) Katie Smith Milway
illustrated by Shane W. Evans

Where Will I Live?

by (author) Rosemary McCarney

The Way to School

by (author) Rosemary McCarney
with Plan International

My Maasai Life

A Child’s Adventure in Africa

by (author) Robin Wiszowaty
illustrated by Marisa Antonello & Victoria Laidley

Mimi's Village

And How Basic Health Care Transformed It

by (author) Katie Smith Milway
illustrated by Eugenie Fernandes

African Acrostics

A Word in Edgeways

by (author) Avis Harley
photographs by Deborah Noyes

Spotlight on South Africa

by (author) Bobbie Kalman


by (author) Judith Simpson

Maddy's Amazing African Birthday

by (author) Megan Williams
photographs by Alessandro Vallecchi & Maddalena Vallecchi Williams

History News: The Egyptian News

by (author) Scott Steedman
illustrated by VARIOUS

South Africa - the land (revised, ed. 2)

by (author) Domini Clark

South Africa - the culture (revised, ed. 2)

by (author) Domini Clark

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