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Math Hacks 2

Stress Less + Do Better

by Vanessa Vakharia, illustrated by Hyein Lee
edition: Paperback
  • age: 7 to 12
  • Grade: 3 to 6
tagged: self-esteem & self-reliance, mindfulness & meditation


Feeling jinxed by geometry? Messed up by measurement? Antagonized by angles? Don't worry — help is here!



Written in The Math Guru's signature super-friendly style, Math Hacks 2 is packed with all-new advice on reducing math anxiety, de-stressing, self-care, test preparation strategies and how to make math your new BFF!

This full-colour book tack …


Germy Science

The Sick Truth about Getting Sick (and Staying Healthy)

by Edward Kay, illustrated by Mike Shiell
edition: Hardcover
  • age: 8 to 12
  • Grade: 3 to 7
tagged: diseases, illnesses & injuries, personal hygiene, anatomy & physiology

This perfectly revolting --- and perfectly timely! --- introduction to germs from award-winning comedy writer Edward Kay will turn any kid into a master of microbes!

Children get up close and personal with germs (ew!) in this entertaining, thoroughly researched exploration of the science and history of these tiny, ubiquitous creatures. Heavy on the …


When I Feel

Easy Yoga for Big Feelings

by Kathy Beliveau, illustrated by Julie McLaughlin, photographs by Jesse Holland
edition: Hardcover
  • age: 3 to 5
  • Grade: p to k
tagged: emotions & feelings, fitness & exercise

Sometimes I feel angry, so I become the sea. I breathe in deep an ocean breath and breathe out peacefully.

We may not be able to help the overwhelming feelings, but we can learn tools to help us regulate them. Practicing yoga can increase our ability to accept and mindfully manage our emotions. Yoga is known to have a positive physiological effect …


It Takes Guts

How Your Body Turns Food Into Fuel (and Poop)

by Jennifer Gardy, illustrated by Belle Wuthrich
edition: Hardcover
  • age: 8 to 12
  • Grade: 3 to 7
tagged: anatomy & physiology, diet & nutrition, body

A 2022 Forest of Reading: Yellow Cedar Award Nominee!

An illustrated book about the digestive system and microbiome for young readers, from famous (and funny) scientist Dr. Jennifer Gardy.

Everybody eats, and everybody poops. Pretty ordinary stuff, right?

But what happens in between is far from ordinary! That’s where your digestive system—also kno …



The Strange Ways That Animals Sleep

by Maria Birmingham, illustrated by Kyle Reed
edition: eBook
also available: Hardcover
  • age: 4 to 8
  • Grade: 1 to 5
tagged: bedtime & dreams, zoology, daily activities

Discover the strange – and sometimes familiar – ways animals settle down for bed
While you brush your teeth and turn out the light, animals all over the world are getting ready for bed in their own unique ways. Otters snuggle under seaweed blankets, plump walruses use their throat pouches as pillows, and just like putting on pajamas, parrotfi …



The Surprising Science of Sleep

by Tanya Lloyd Kyi, illustrated by Valéry Goulet
edition: Hardcover
  • age: 11 to 14
  • Grade: 6 to 9
tagged: anatomy & physiology, psychology

From award-winning author Tanya Lloyd Kyi, an eye-opening look at the science of sleep --- covering everything adolescents could possibly want to know about a subject that's suddenly keeping them up at night!

For something that all humans do for hours every night, sleep is not that well understood. One thing we do know, though, is that sleep is cruc …


Amazing Athletes

An All-Star Look at Canada's Paralympians

by Marie-Claude Ouellet, translated by Phyllis Aronoff & Howard Scott
edition: Hardcover
  • age: 8 to 12
  • Grade: 3 to 7
tagged: olympics, sports & recreation, physical impairments

An uplifting and engaging celebration of Paralympic champions and the sports they dominate

Discover the world of Para sport and meet some of its greatest athletes in this fascinating look at the third-largest sporting event in the world, the Paralympic Games.

This nonfiction book introduces readers to Canadian Paralympians and the sports they play, f …


Race with Me!

by Andre De Grasse & Robert Budd, illustrated by Joseph Osei Bonsu
edition: Hardcover
  • age: 6 to 10
  • Grade: 1 to 4
tagged: sports & recreation, track & field, fitness & exercise


A celebration of sport and Andre De Grasse’s positive, winning attitude


Everyone gets nervous butterflies. I don’t let that feeling stop me.

I love the feeling of being proud of myself. I can only feel it by trying my best.

My butterflies just mean I am excited to run.

Lace up your shoes and get ready for race day with Canada’s 2019 Athlete …


Things in the Classroom

Inuinnaqtun Edition

by Inhabit Education, illustrated by Ali Hinch
edition: Paperback
also available: Paperback Paperback
  • age: 3 to 6
  • Grade: p to 1
tagged: beginner, daily activities, school & education

What do you see in your classroom? This book features common items found in a classroom, such as a chair and a desk. Illustrations guide children to practise reading the single word on each page.

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