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Everyday Structures from A to Z

by Bobbie Kalman
edition: Paperback
also available: Hardcover
  • age: 6 to 8
  • Grade: 1 to 3
tagged: architecture, alphabet

Children are invited to explore the wide variety of objects, shapes, and patterns in the world around them. Students will learn about structures made by people and those made by nature. This book also takes a comprehensive look at form versus function, how structures are made and describes the different categories of structures in a simple, clear w …


Mounds of earth and shell

Native Sites: the Southeast

by Bonnie Shemie
edition: Paperback
  • age: 8 to 12
  • Grade: 3 to 7
tagged: architecture, native american, ancient

Much of what we know of life among the inhabitants of North America before the arrival of Europeans comes from mounds in the southeastern U.S. However, there is much debate among scholars about the findings. Excavations show sophisticated cities, large effigy mounds, centers of worship, and possibly, vast earthwork calendars. Objects found in the m …