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When Sunlight Tiptoes

by (author) Gillian Sze
illustrated by Soyeon Kim

Even Superheroes Get Scared

by (author) Shelly Becker
illustrated by Eda Kaban

While You Sleep

by (author) Jennifer Maruno
illustrated by Miki Sato

Two Crows

by (author) Susan Vande Griek
illustrated by Emma FitzGerald


by (author) Alison Hughes

Kindness Is a Golden Heart

by (author) Jessica Kluthe
illustrated by Charlene Chua

Welcome, Dark

by (author) Charis St. Pierre
illustrated by Rachel Wada

Where the Crooked Lighthouse Shines

by (author) Joshua Goudie & Craig Goudie

There’s a Mouse in My House

by (author) Sheree Fitch
illustrated by Leslie Elizabeth Watts

There's a Mouse in My House

by (author) Sheree Fitch


by (author) Katherine Lawrence

This is the Boat That Ben Built

by (author) Jen Lynn Bailey
illustrated by Maggie Zeng

The Night Before Playoffs

by (author) Stella Partheniou Grasso
illustrated by Paula Becker

Burying the Moon

by (author) Andrée Poulin
illustrated by Sonali Zohra

A Dog Named Beau... Wears a Bow

by (author) Daniel James
illustrated by Meg Clark

Pitter, Patter, Goes the Rain

by (author) Ellen DeLange
illustrated by Anna Lindsten

The Night Is Deep and Wide

by (author) Gillian Sze
illustrated by Sue Todd

Easter Morning, Easter Sun

by (author) Rosanna Battigelli
illustrated by Tara Anderson

Our Little Kitchen

illustrated by Jillian Tamaki

Please Don't Change My Diaper!

by (author) Sarabeth Holden
illustrated by Emma Pedersen

Pumpkin Orange, Pumpkin Round

by (author) Rosanna Battigelli
illustrated by Tara Anderson


How a Simple Soap Saved the Day

by (author) Suzanne Belliveau


A Book to Celebrate Community

by (author) Uncle Ian Aurora
illustrated by Natalia Moore

Our Corner Store

by (author) Robert Heidbreder
illustrated by Chelsea O'Byrne

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