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Browse Books in Prejudice & Racism

The Kodiaks

Home Ice Advantage

by (author) David A. Robertson

Call Me Al

by (author) Wali Shah & Eric Walters

Dear Muslim Child

by (author) Rahma Rodaah
illustrated by Aya Ghanameh

Rain Remembers

by (author) Courtne Comrie

Le plus grand

by (author) Itah Sadu
illustrated by Marley Berot

Les Galettes de grand-maman

by (author) Emilie Plank

We Belong Here

by (author) Frieda Wishinsky
illustrated by Ruth Ohi

Obaasan's Boots

by (author) Lara Jean Okihiro & Janis Bridger

Abolition is Love

by (author) Ware Syrus Marcus
illustrated by Alannah Fricker

Everyone is Welcome

by (author) Phuong Truong
illustrated by Christine Wei

Shizue's Path

by (author) Mark Sakamoto
illustrated by Rachel Wada

Quand j'avais huit ans

by (author) Christy Jordan-Fenton & Margaret Pokiak-Fenton
illustrated by Gabrielle Grimard

The Grover School Pledge

by (author) Wanda Taylor

Vee in Between

by (author) Valerie Kaiyang Wood
illustrated by Angela Poon

Heart Berry Bling

by (author) Jenny Kay Dupuis
illustrated by Eva Campbell

Only This Beautiful Moment

by (author) Abdi Nazemian


by (author) Itah Sadu
illustrated by Marley Berot

The Mystery of the Painted Fan

narrator Linda Trinh
illustrated by Clayton Nguyen

Kai's Tea Eggs

by (author) Karina Zhou

I Am Not a Ghost

The Canadian Pacific Railway

by (author) David Bouchard
with Zhong-Yang Huang
illustrated by Sean Huang


by (author) Zetta Elliott & Lyn Miller-Lachmann

Abalone Woman

by (author) Teoni Spathelfer
illustrated by Natassia Davies

The Secret of the Jade Bangle

narrator Linda Trinh
illustrated by Clayton Nguyen

Weird Rules to Follow

by (author) Kim Spencer

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