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The DATA Set Collection #2 (Boxed Set)

A Case of the Clones; Invasion of the Insects; Out of Remote Control; Down the Brain Drain

by (author) Ada Hopper
illustrated by Graham Ross

Beautiful Boy

by (author) Marie Gaudet
illustrated by Kaveenfra Ariyarathna


by (author) Kenneth Oppel
illustrated by Sydney Smith

Down the Brain Drain

by (author) Ada Hopper
illustrated by Rafael Kirschner & Glass House Graphics


Cape Breton Coal Miners, 1900-1939

by (author) Joanne Schwartz

Ella Says: I'm Going to be an Astronaut!

illustrated by Anu Misa


by (author) Kenneth Oppel

The Wereduck Code

Book 3 of the Wereduck Series

by (author) Dave Atkinson

Backwards Day

by (author) S. Bear Bergman
illustrated by K.D. Diamond

Come Back to Earth, Esther!

by (artist) Josee Bisaillon

The Absence of Sparrows

by (author) Kurt Kirchmeier

The Adventurer's Guide to Treasure (and How to Steal It)

by (author) Wade Albert White

Shield of Beom

Side Trip Book 2

by (author) Renee Duke

The Nose from Jupiter (20th Anniversary Edition)

by (author) Richard Scrimger

Treason's Edge

by (author) Susan MacDonald

Not So Normal Norbert

by (author) James Patterson
with Joey Green
illustrated by Hatem Aly


by (author) Philippa Dowding

A World Below

by (author) Wesley King

Out of Remote Control

by (author) Ada Hopper
illustrated by Graham Ross


by (author) C.K. Kelly Martin

The Isis Trilogy

by (author) Monica Hughes

Sky Watchers

by (author) Elyse Kishimoto

The Adventurer's Guide to Dragons (and Why They Keep Biting Me)

by (author) Wade Albert White

The Skids

by (author) Ian Donald Keeling

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