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Mother's Day

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I Know a Woman

A Song for Mothers

by Sharon Gudereit, illustrated by Miranda Pringle
edition: Paperback
  • age: 3 to 18
  • Grade: p to 12
tagged: parents, girls & women, mother's day

A heartfelt tribute to the nurturing women in our lives. I Know a Woman is a celebration of mothers, and the selfless love and care they bestow on us from the day of our birth until adulthood. The tender words, based on the lyrics of the song of the same name by Sharon Gudereit (from her album Let It Go), along with warm and nostalgic illustrations …


The Pocket Mommy

by Rachel Eugster, illustrated by Tom Goldsmith
edition: Hardcover
  • age: 4 to 6
  • Grade: p to 1
tagged: humorous stories, mother's day

Saying goodbye to Mom at the kindergarten door can be tough. Samuel hates it and wishes he could have a tiny, pocket-sized mommy to carry around with him all day. His mom slips a pretend mommy into his pocket, and when she comes to life, Samuel is delighted . . . at first. But he soon discovers that having a mom along in kindergarten isn't as much …