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Otter Doesn’t Know

by (author) Andrea Fritz

Oolichan Moon

by (author) Samantha Beynon
illustrated by Lucy Trimble

This is the Boat That Ben Built

by (author) Jen Lynn Bailey
illustrated by Maggie Zeng

kəxntim sʕanixw k'əl nixwtitkw i? acxwəl̕xwalt / We Go with Muskrat to Those Living Underwater

by (author) Harron Hall
illustrated by Ron Hall

The Generous Fish

by (author) Jacqueline Jules
illustrated by Frances Tyrrell

Uncle Farley's False Teeth

by (author) Alice Walsh
illustrated by Michael Martchenko

Memory Match: Under The Sea

A Lift-the-Flap Book

adapted by Anne Paradis
illustrated by Bangson Books

Colors: Under the Sea (My Bath Book)

illustrated by Annie Sechao

At the Pond

illustrated by H. Werner Zimmermann

Dix petits poissons

illustrated by H. Werner Zimmermann

Ocean Life Fun Box

Includes a Storybook and a 2-in-1 puzzle

by (author) Nathalie Vallière
illustrated by Jonathan Miller

J'en veux encore un!

by (author) Robert Munsch
illustrated by Mike Boldt

Get Me Another One!

by (author) Robert Munsch
illustrated by Mike Boldt

Octopus Counts

Square Padded Board Picture Book

by (author) Rufus Downy
illustrated by Steve Mack
edited by Cottage Door Press

I Love Sharks, Too!

by (author) Leanne Shirtliffe
illustrated by Lorenzo Montatore

Sea Monkey & Bob

by (author) Aaron Reynolds
illustrated by Debbie Ridpath Ohi

Elliott and the Impossible Fish

by (author) Rebecca North
illustrated by Laurel Keating

The Salmon Run

by (artist) Clayton Gauthier
translated by Francois Prince

Caillou Gone Fishing!

adapted by Anne Paradis
illustrated by Eric Sévigny

Un saumon pour Simon

by (author) Betty Waterton
illustrated by Ann Blades

Goldey and Funnyfin

by (author) Fannie Kahan
illustrated by Sharon Kahan

What's Going on at the Time Tonight

by (author) Gerald Mercer
illustrated by Holly DeWolf

One Wonderful Fine Day for a Sculpin Named Sam

by (author) Al Pittman
illustrated by Shawn O’Hagan

This Is Not My Hat

illustrated by Jon Klassen

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