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Browse Books in Farm Animals

Billy and Rose: Just the Way They Are

by (author) Amy Hest
illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton

My Bath Books: At the Farm

text by Robin Bright
illustrated by Annie Sechao, Karina Dupuis & Sophie Brault

Parker's Place

illustrated by Russ Willms

Squeeze ‘n’ Squeak: Welcome to the Farm!

Press my fluffy tummy!

text by Robin Bright
illustrated by Karina Dupuis, Annie Sechao & Jonathan Miller

Sleepy Sheepy

by (author) Lucy Ruth Cummins
illustrated by Pete Oswald

Lola's Woolly Jumper

illustrated by Samantha Van De Kerckhove

Peep-Through ... At the Farm

illustrated by Bangson Books
adapted by Carine Laforest

The Cow Said BOO!

by (author) Lana Button
illustrated by Alice Carter

Lana Llama

by (author) Lori Doody

My First Books: Welcome, Baby!

Three Stimulating Books in One Box: Bath Book, Cloth Book, Stroller Book

text by Corinne Delporte & Carine Laforest
illustrated by Annie Sechao & Karina Dupuis

Wheels, No Wheels

by (author) Shannon McNeill

Peekaboo Farm Animals

Cloth Book with a Crinkly Cover!

text by Carine Laforest
illustrated by Annie Sechao

We Adopted a Baby Chick

by (author) Lori Joy Smith

Polly MacCauley's Finest Divinest Wooliest Gift of All

by (author) Sheree Fitch
illustrated by Darka Erdelji

At the Farm (stroller book with Velcro strap)

Clip-on Stroller Book

illustrated by Jonathan Miller
text by Marine Guion

PB's Comet

by (author) Marnie Parsons
illustrated by Veselina Tomova

John Deere Kids My First Storyteller

by (author) Jack Redwing
illustrated by Katie Hickey, Brianna Gooch, Wenjia Tang, Takako Fisher, Tommy Doyle, Bao Luu & Yi-Hsuan Wu
edited by Cottage Door Press

John Deere Kids Happy Little Farm

by (author) Jack Redwing
illustrated by Tommy Doyle
edited by Cottage Door Press

Farm Crimes! The MOO-sterious Disappearance of Cow

by (author) Sandra Dumais

The Chickentown Mystery

illustrated by Albert Arrayás
adapted by Robin Bright

The Alpactory

Ready, Pack, Go!

illustrated by Ruth Chan

Cow Says Meow: A Peep-and-See Book

by (author) Kirsti Call
illustrated by Brandon James Scott

Cute and Cuddly: Baby Farm Animals

text by Carine Laforest

Pasture Bedtime

Charlie's Rules #1

by (author) Sigmund Brouwer
illustrated by Sabrina Gendron

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