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If You Want to Be a Butterfly

by (author) Muon Thi Van
illustrated by Andrea Armstrong

Cricket War, The

by (author) Tho Pham & Sandra McTavish

Next Door

by (author) Deborah Kerbel
illustrated by Isaac Liang

Beatrice and Barb

by (author) Kate Jenks Landry
illustrated by Vivian Mineker

At the Speed of Gus

by (author) Richard Scrimger

Pigs Can’t Fly

illustrated by Wallace Edwards

Class Trip

by (author) Robert Munsch
illustrated by Michael Martchenko

Munsch-a-thon (Combined volume)

A Robert Munsch Collection

by (author) Robert Munsch
illustrated by Michael Martchenko, Jay Odjick & Mike Boldt

A Bucket of Stars

by (author) Suri Rosen

The Boy and the Banyan Tree

by (author) Mahtab Narsimhan
illustrated by Dharmali Patel

J’ai vu un cochon voler

illustrated by Wallace Edwards

Who Is the Real Santa?

A Christmas Countdown

by (author) Valérie Fontaine
illustrated by Mika

Les timbrés : N˚ 7 - Le 13ᵉ signe

illustrated by Dom Pelletier

Asha and the Toymaker

illustrated by Sakshi Mangal


by (author) Trevor Henderson

We Belong Here

by (author) Frieda Wishinsky
illustrated by Ruth Ohi

Dreamland Dawn, volume 1 - The Dream Reactor

by (author) Patrick Blanchette

The First Cat in Space and the Soup of Doom

by (author) Mac Barnett
illustrated by Shawn Harris

The Only Way to Make Bread

by (author) Cristina Quintero
illustrated by Sarah Gonzales

Lost Time

by (author) Tas Mukanik

The Pet Store Window

by (author) Jairo Buitrago
illustrated by Rafael Yockteng
translated by Elisa Amado

Robot, Unicorn, Queen

by (author) Shannon Bramer
illustrated by Irene Luxbacher

Zachary Ying and the Dragon Emperor

by (author) Xiran Jay Zhao

Ethan and the Strays

by (author) John Sullivan
illustrated by Hatem Aly

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