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Bird Feeder, The

by (author) Andrew Larsen
illustrated by Dorothy Leung


by (author) Alison Hughes

We Are Many

by (author) Dave Cameron
illustrated by Suharu Ogawa

La neige parfaite

illustrated by Barbara Reid

Pebbles to the Sea

by (author) Marie-Andrée Arsenault
illustrated by Dominique Leroux
translated by Shelley Tanaka

The Library Bus

by (author) Bahram Rahman
illustrated by Gabrielle Grimard

To My Panik: To My Daughter


by (author) Nadia Sammurtok
illustrated by Pelin Turgut

My Ittu: The Biggest, Best Grandpa

by (author) Laura Deal
illustrated by Thamires Paredes

The Prisoner and the Writer

by (author) Heather Camlot
illustrated by Sophie Casson


by (author) Adam Schafer
illustrated by Noel Tuazon

A Knotty Problem

by (author) David Cole
illustrated by Shannon O'Toole

Jessie the Doo-Doo Dog and the Visitors from Outer Space

illustrated by Bill Hutchinson
by (author) Jocelyn Hutchinson

An Artist's Journey

by (author) Mizouni Bannani
translated by Nouha Homad

Oculum Echo

by (author) Philippa Dowding

Water Love

by (author) Natalie Hodgson & Rajean Willis
by (artist) Sahle Robinson

A Silly Willy Christmas

by (author) Brenda Redman
illustrated by Wendi Nordell

The Emir's Falcon

by (author) Matt Hughes

The Best Gift for Bear

illustrated by Jennifer A. Bell

My Self, Your Self

by (author) Esmé Shapiro

Green Mountain Academy

by (author) Frances Greenslade

How to Teach Your Cat a Trick

in Five Easy Steps

by (author) Nicola Winstanley
illustrated by Zoe Si

I Hear You, Ocean

by (author) Kallie George
illustrated by Carmen Mok

Night Lunch

by (author) Eric Fan
illustrated by Dena Seiferling

Still This Love Goes On

by (author) Buffy Sainte-Marie
illustrated by Julie Flett

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