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Live-Forever Machine, The

by (author) Ken Oppel

Miss Fishly Afloat

by (author) Ted Staunton
illustrated by Eric Parker

Rose and Dorothy

illustrated by Roslyn Schwartz

Too Many Chickens

by (author) Paulette Bourgeois
illustrated by Bill Slavin

Story of Little Quack, The

by (author) Betty Gibson
illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton

Scorpion's Treasure

by (author) Daniel Sernine

The Sword of Arhapal

by (author) Daniel Sernine

Those Who Watch Over the Earth

by (author) Daniel Sernine

Duncan Back to Back

by (author) Duncan Wells

Courage in the Storm

by (author) Thomas H. Raddall

Madame Belzile & Ramsey Hither

by (author) Budge Wilson


by (author) Susin Nielsen


by (author) Catherine Dunphy

Handliner's Island

by (author) Arthur Mayse

Fred's TV

by (author) Clive Dobson

A Cow, A Cake and a Red Canoe

by (author) Pamela Wolfe
illustrated by Karen L. Bouma

The Rock

by (author) P. Kropp

Norbert Nipkin

by (author) Robert McConnell
illustrated by Steve Pilcher

Franny and the Music Girl

by (author) Emily Hearn
illustrated by Mark Thurman

S P Likes A D

by (author) Catherine Brett

Chewing Gum and Other Crimes

by (author) Sylvia Gunnery

The Nine Days Queen

by (author) Karleen Bradford

Christmas Snowflake

by (author) H.E. Stewart

Little Blue Hen

by (author) Phoebe Gilman

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